Wednesday, December 9, 2015


It's never to early to begin thinking about your New Year's resolutions.

This year I'm not promising to do anything except live life to the fullest. I plan on using all of the colors of the rainbow; or at the very least all of the colors in the crayon box!

With all of the terrorists acts being committed right now; you never know if walking out of your door will be the last time.

You never know if you will get to say "I'm sorry" to the person that you interrupted at work. You never know if you will get to say "I love you" to that special person in your life, whether it be your spouse/significant other, children or parents.

With everything going on in the world; its easy to give in to the fear and stay home. It would be easy to give in and not travel. It would be easy to give in and listen to whatever terror groups have to say.

Instead, this New Year; I plan to live life to the fullest. I plan to enjoy each day, each hour, each minute and each second.

I plan on laughing a lot and doing things that make me happy.

So, what do you plan on doing in the New Year?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Hmm, that's a really hard thing to put into words. 

I could say; peace on earth and good will towards man; but you will hear all of that on the +Hallmark Channel in the next month. 
I could say my two front teeth, but I think someone already sang that song. 

I could say, two turtle doves but; that's just a little far fetched, don't you think?

So what I want for Christmas is more sales and more reviews. Didn't expect that did you?

Well I'm an author, so of course I want those things. 

If you have read my novels, LET ME JUST SAY THIS or LET ME SAY THIS, AGAIN please go onto Amazon and leave a review. Even if you DIDN'T like it; I'd rather know why you didn't than not know.

So, in this time where I could ask for a lot of things; I'm asking for two simple things. 

Can you do that for me? or should I ask +Santa Claus ?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Did you ever think you would hear those words come from these lips?

I surely didn't but that is what I wanted to yell on Saturday afternoon.

Every year I participate in the Dulles Expo event the Northern Christmas Market and every year I do very well with book sales.

This year was no exception. OK, well with one.

A young woman walked up and immediately began to look at the covers of my books. Normally I would be excited about this but this young woman was between the age of 10-12.

Before you start saying I should encourage her to read. She can read just fine. Before you say that I should encourage her to buy my books. Screech! Pump the brakes.

My books contain, in industry terms, "ADULT SITUATIONS" or "PG17" in movie terms.

There is sex, violence and language that is not appropriate for anyone younger than the age of 18. Yes, I know children nowadays have foul mouths and probably have more sex than me but that doesn't mean I agree with it.

So, with that said, I steered her to my publishers YA (Young Adult) line. She picked them up, read the back and promptly put them back down and went BACK to mine.

Her mom asked me if it was appropriate for someone her age. My answer

HELL NO! OK, I didn't curse but I said NO as strongly as I could without cursing. The mom turned to her mother (the child's grandmother) and said, "What do you think?" In which she said, "it's your decision."

So, I'm thinking its almost over.  Sure I lose a sale but it would be worth it. The mother then did something unexpected. She asked me to show her a passage. I turned to the most graphic part that I could remember at that time and she read it. Here is what I heard, "Oh"

Now I'm thinking. I'm free and clear and she hands me the book back, looks at her daughter and says, "Well if you want it, go on and get it."

WHAT! WHAT...WHAT THE HELL! and the girl says but there are two..can I have both of them! and her mother says, "YES...get both of them"

I nearly passed out right then and there! I was so flustered that I couldn't even take the money. I was in shock.

Then the mother asked, "Can you sign them for her?"

In shock, I signed them to JOCELYN and I have been bothered by this ever since. My question is:

Would you be shocked or would you look at it like a sale to a customer. I welcome your thoughts.

Friday, October 30, 2015


Where has the time gone?

Before you know it; it will be December and the Christmas rush will begin. So before it does here is what you need to be doing as an author to prepare for the upcoming year.

1. Look up conferences to attend.
Here are a few that I attend: Creatures, Crimes and Creativity   Malice Domestic   BoucherCon2016 LIM Con   

2. Get your tax papers ready. I hope you kept those receipts for conferences you paid for. Did you write down the mileage every time you did a book event? What about the hotel stay you had to pay for? All of those things are tax deductions that can be used.

You do remember that you are a small business, right?

3. Have you separated your personal bank accounts from your book/business accounts. Yes, this is something that you should have done the very first time you made a sale.

4. Have you inventoried your books? You need to keep an accurate record of what you have on hand. Have you filed away the receipts when you purchased books?

5. Have you created a spreadsheet with your royalties? What! Gasp! I think I'm about to faint if you say no.

6. Make a budget for the coming year and what you want to spend for the following: Attending conferences, purchasing books to have, marketing materials and travel expenses. This should be done BEFORE doing Item Number 1 on this list.

7. Make sure that if you have purchased clothing for your book appearances that you write that off to. Yes, they are business expenses.

8. Make a commercial for the Christmas holiday. Remember; the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, what better way than to be among the many commercials that people will see. Put it on YouTube, your website; your blog, your Facebook page and your Twitter account. You may need to do multiple ones but remember; short and sweet make = book sales

9. Post those pictures to your Pinterest page! If you attended conferences people want to see what you did! Remember people are visual; we have to see you in order to know you

10. Get ready because January will be here before you know it!

Now, remember, these are ONLY SUGGESTIONS!  You do not have to do them all but using this as a guide will help you navigate the upcoming holiday and New Year!

Until next time Keep Reading and Keep Writing.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Today begins a new chapter in the life of the #MDC3Con social media presence

In the world of FACEBOOK and TWITTER; it was decided that the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Con needed a Facebook page.

At this year's con; attendees wanted a more interactive way to keep up with the information for the con held every year.

What the attendees want; they attendees get!

This is one Con that takes everything that the attendees want into the planning stages of the con.

They wanted more choices in panels for fans. Check.

They wanted more choices in food. Check.

They wanted more big name authors. Check.

They wanted to keep the panels on Sunday. Check.

They wanted something to do before noon on Friday. Check.

Can you see what happened here. The planners of the Con took everything that the survey's said and gave it to them; to the best of their ability.

So they want more interactive means to get information and feel like they are involved. CHECK

Go here and LIKE the Fanpage of the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity page and get all of the information first!

You will even get to see who will be our guests next year before everyone eles!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Going to conferences is what I love to do!

Meeting someone who has the exact name is me is something that even I couldn't make up but that is what happened about two years ago.

I went to the #MDC3Con in Hunt Valley in September of 2014 and found out that my registration wasn't there. I had no bag, no name tag and no anthology (which you can ONLY get from the MDC3Con)

Now me and the other Sandra had tweeted to each other and been on FB chatting so when it came time for the conference I was ready to meet "Sandra Webster" (Honestly I didn't think it would happen but one can hope)

They said, "you already picked it up"

How could that happen? I hadn't been there.

When I checked my registration; I could see my name was there but they had my author name incorrect. No big deal since people always get it mixed up.

So I tried again, No; I registered under Sandra Webster and the confirmed that I registered and that I had already picked up all of the 'SWAG" earlier.

They wrote me out a badge because honestly, I think they thought I had been drinking a little to much.

I walked around for a bit and then saw my badge! On another person! OK, so we do writer mysteries and thrillers so it could be all in fun.

I walked up and said, "Oh, you are Sandra Webster too?" more as a joke and the response was, "YES"

TWO Sandra's are better than ONE!
Wait, what just happened! I wasn't ready! and I don't think she was ready for my response either.

How often do you find your Double! Well let me tell you this Sandra Webster is just as fun and sassy as I am!

We have become fast sisters and I can't wait to read her novels! Don't believe me, well we look just alike, don't we?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


What is the genre I write in?

Well with a name like B. Swangin Webster you may assume, erotica. WRONG!

I write Contemporary Dramas. It can also be called Urban Drama
Next question…oh, like street lit? WRONG!

Contemporary/Urban dramas are nothing like street lit. 

There are no drug dealers in my novels (well one time there was but he was just passing through) and there are no women stripping for money or marrying a man for money.

Street lit is hard core literature that has taken the literary world by storm. Most street lit novels will have titles that include the word, (pardon my language) Bitch and Nigga. Most likely they will have covers with stacks of money on the cover or a scantily clad woman or man.

My novels have none of that. Yes, it may contain the word Bitch but not in EVERY conversation.

Contemporary dramas are stories that can be lived right now. They could be your neighbor’s drama and most of them are LIFETIME movies. You know; the ones that have the stalker, the mistress or the missing child. 

What I write is taken from today’s headlines and fictionalized to put you in the middle of the situation and have you going through all of your emotions. 

If you don’t use at least 4 (or 5) emotions (well some say there are 6 emotions; but that’s another blog) while reading my novel, than I haven’t done my job.

So take a look at one of my novels and see what I write. Don’t assume that you won’t read an urban or contemporary drama because most movies that aren’t mystery, suspense or action are in fact contemporary dramas.

Give me a try and see if you enjoy it. Please feel free to contact me after you do; I’d love to hear from you.

Make sure to LIKE my fan page on Facebook:

Friday, July 10, 2015


Every year in July; New York City is converged upon by aspiring authors, writers, NY Times Best selling authors and ME.

OK, so I'm an author but I haven't made any "list" yet except the "stylish shoes list" and hey, while I love being on that list; I'm hoping that one day I make THE list. No; not NY Times best selling list but the list of authors who are on panels.

I'm still to afraid to put myself on the panels at +International Thriller Writers Inc Thrillerfest. I know almost all of the people on all of the panels because they have been on my radio show. I have even taken selfies with them but sitting up there with them..nope; "I'm not ready" and yep; I'm admitting I'm scared.

So this year, I will be sitting in the audience being a great marketing person looking for ideas and then I will take my customary selfie shots while in the panels and then I will ask that one question that no one asked or wants to know except me. Then I will fantasize about being up there next year...yeah; next year I'll be on the panel.

Ok, I said that same thing LAST year but really, next year I'll make that leap. After all, I have cute shoes. 

So if you are going to be at Thrillerfest this year; please look for the girl in the six inch heels taking selfies with anyone that will let her. 

Friday, July 3, 2015


Summer began last week and I have been enjoying it so much that I didn't do any writing, no reading and no marketing.

What did I do? 

Princess Jada and Prince Justin
I went to Vegas. Not to see the shows, not to see the Chippendale Dancers, to walk the strip or get married. I went to see my newest grandchildren.

Yes, my grandchildren were born exactly 2 months ago. Matter of fact, they were born two days AFTER my birthday. Happy birthday to me! 

The Royal Court, as I call them are the most precious ever. Princess Jada; older by two minutes and Prince Justin are both doing great and they gave me so much joy. They made me stop, listen and enjoy being a grandmother.

Yes, there is more to me than just books, shoes and writing. I am a grandmother of 9 of the most adorable children ever. 

So when you need a moment to regroup, relax and revitalize yourself. Stop and spend time with your grandchildren, your children or your friends. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself. 

Now its time for me to get back to work and the first thing I am going to do is attend #Thrillerfest2015

See you in New York City on July 9-12 +Paula Lanier 

Thursday, June 18, 2015


I’ve heard this often at cocktail parties, cookouts, and in the occasional ladies bathroom:
“Oh, you’re so funny. I could never be funny.”
Well folks, I’ll let you in on a little secret: writing good humor requires the same basic principles of writing quality prose of any kind: it’s all in the show, less in the tell. A comedienne may describe herself as a teller of jokes, but the great ones verbally paint a picture that vividly illustrates an awkward situation, a ridiculous reaction, or a profound insight.
Most humor writers are excellent observers of the human condition. Some of my favorites–Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Dave Barry–possess a keen eye for describing (showing) everyday life in a way that highlights the absurd, the offensive, and the ridiculous.
If, for example, you’re writing a humorous story about, oh, I don’t know, your personal journey through menopause, the reader needs to join you on your trip through hot flashes, middle-aged sex drives, growing a mustache, losing your keys (and your car) and  monster-size mood swings. Even if the reader can’t directly relate to the throes of menopause, they should be laughing along with you.
Jeff Goins (follow him NOW for great writing tips and advice suggests three “tricks” for writing humor. These include:
  1. State the obvious. Menopause: a ten-year journey through suck-town. You’re up, you’re down, you’re hot, you’re cold. You’re the emotional equivalent of a teenager, but with the added thrill of boobs that are in a race to see which will reach your knees first.
  2. Be subtle (not this writer’s strong suit); entice the reader to want to know more. Menopause: women hate it, men don’t understand it, the military wants to bottle it for future warfare.
  3. Surprise your audience. Menopause could get your husband killed.
I would add a 4th trick: BE the joke (self-deprecating humor). The silver-lining moment of menopause: I’m now a very good candidate for the job of bearded-lady at the circus.
Here are a few additional personal habits of mine (OK, these may be tics) that seem to help me tap into my humor writing muse:
  • Keep it loose. Sometimes what you need is a shot of tequila. Hemingway is often credited with noting: Write drunk, edit sober. When facing a midnight deadline, sometimes my go to writing partner is Jose Cuervo. However, you can’t be so blind drunk that you can’t see the keyboard. Be loose, not comatose.
  • Be comfortable. Invest in a quality pair of good fuzzy bunny slippers. No one writes well when their feet are cold. Mine are pink, fluffy, and a size 11.
  • Keep a notebook of observations. You never know when the universe is going to present you with inspiration. I’m currently working on the story inspired by this moment:

I’m still a long way from walking alongside the masters of humor such as the ever-inspiring Erma Bombeck. Her words of wisdom fuel me daily:
Hook 'em with the lead. Hold 'em with laughter. Exit with a quip they won't forget.
This is a pretty good overall life goal, don’t ya think?

Author Bio:
Kimberly “Kimba” J. Dalferes is a native Floridian who pretends to be a Virginian. Her accomplishments have included successfully threading a sewing bobbin, landing a 35 pound Alaskan king salmon, and scoring a ceramic sangria pitcher at an estate sale for $1. She also sometimes writes books. Look for her new book, “Magic Fishing Panties”, to be released in August 2015 by Booktrope Publishing. Her humor column–Dock Tale Hour–is featured in Laker Magazine. She is often found hanging out on her blog The Middle-Aged Cheap Seats. You can also visit her at

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Indie published authors have come a long way from the horrible book size to the large print and the formatting that looked like a child did it.

Being an indie author now means you can produce a novel that looks just as good as any NY Times best seller on the shelves. Have you tried reading some good Indie Authors? You haven't, well let me give you five that you should start with.

1. +Cerece Rennie Murphy is an Indie Author with Lion Sky Publishing. She is an SciFi author and a children's book author and the most gracious woman you will ever meet. The Order of the Seers Trilogy will keep you entertained and guessing. She is an African American author doing big things in the Sci-Fi world mostly dominated by men. Take a look at her website if you don't believe me.

2. +Dee Lawrence proves that lawyers do have a sense of humor and that they can weave a good story OUT of the courtroom and her novel, Gotta Let It Go proves that. This novel takes you on a journey with a woman who; can't let go of her busy body ways or her stubborn attitude as she tries to find out who murdered her friend. Check out her website 

3. +Ayesha Shoulders is new to the indie world and she is making a big splash with her latest novel, When Loves Knot Enough. Sometimes women change their minds and that is just want happens in this love story. Can Mariah give love one more try before she throws in the towel? If you haven't read this novel, you need to pick it up today. Check out her website

4. Frances Frost is Just Piddlin and she does it while being a mom of 4! She wrote the novel; Life In Spades and it gives me hope that four women can be friends while being the voice of reason and the one you call on in your time of need. Check out her blog

5. +K. R. Raye is a friend and Diva that goes on tour with me and Dee Lawrence. Her novels takes you into the lives of four friends and shows you what it takes to screw up a friendship. This ride will force you to take a look at your own friendships and what you would do if one were in trouble. Check out her novels here: Amazon Page

So today I am giving you a glimpse of just five of my most favorite #IndieRoar #IndieAuthors and I hope you give them a try today.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


By nature I am a great marketer. By nature I don't like hand to hand sales. By nature I'd rather write but we all must do things in our writing lives that make us uncomfortable.

Selling my novels to my friends and family is easy. Well everyone knows that, right? You tell them you wrote a book, invite them for free food and giveaways and they will buy a book. (Most of the times)

It's those times when I have to set up a table, talk my way into a bookstore or sell to total strangers that I am uncomfortable with.

By nature I'm a very shy person. Yes, I'm shy. However when it comes times to sell my novels to the masses; I become even more shy. I feel like people will judge me. And actually they do. Imagine the 'slick' comments I get with my name. Yes people; for the hundredth time; It IS MY LEGAL NAME. Although it does make a great stripper name and if I was more ambitious I'd be selling my novel at the local 'gentleman's club". But I'm not that ambitious...yet.

So on the occasions that I get to stand in front of strangers, I try to smile and not look so uncomfortable.

I am a "social butterfly" and can post to Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets 50-60 times a day. Not a problem but that is just marketing. When it comes to that's a different story.

I'm lucky that my 'brand' has continued to carry me through these such days.

My shoes are FIERCE! and when people see me standing for four or five hours in six inch heels or see the stiletto perched onto of my book display; it always brings them to the 'yard' I mean, table.

So matter how uncomfortable I am, I can always smile when someone asks. "How do you do it all day?" "I used to wear those heels in my younger days". "Your feet don't hurt?"

I smile and answer them and then it happens, the put me in my comfort zone by asking me to tell them all about my book. Let the selling begin!

And THAT my friends is the difference between marketing and selling. Marketing happens whenever someone asks about your novel. Marketing happens when you post on social media. Marketing happens when you print up materials to hand out.

Selling happens when you step out into the world; let people see your brand, your novels and yourself. Selling happens when people ask you; What, Where, When, How and Why? Selling happens when you least expect it.

Step out of your comfort zone and step into the magnificent world of an author. I promise you the feelings of euphoria takes over and you will be on cloud nine!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Well, technically its not actually here but it's close enough that I am ready.

What do you plan on doing. Well for me, its vacation time! But that doesn't mean I'm resting. That means that I am taking a break from my show on +WLVS Radio and dedicating it to my writing and my new twin grandchildren. 

So if you missed my show yesterday, you missed to great +RomanceBooks ForUs +Ayesha Shoulders and +Doris Dancy sat down for some laughs, knowledge and lessons learned. 

Check out the show and tell me what you think. I'll be back in the fall because just like the hit show +Empire I have to keep you guessing! 


Monday, April 27, 2015


I'm asking that question today as it is my birthday and the year of Sandra.

Yes, I am making an entire year the year that I celebrate leaving my 40's. 

I always thought it mattered what people thought of me, or what people said about me. I have only begun to realize that it does not matter what they think or say of me.

Half of what people say and think about me, isn't true. However if they choose to believe it, that's on them.

Today as I celebrate my 49th birthday on this earth, I realize that I can't change the minds of anyone but myself. I can't stop people from thinking or saying negative things about me because they are going to do that anyway. All I can do is maintain who I am. I can only change the way I think, the way I act and the way I live my life.

No one will do it for me.

So today, I ask all of you.

Does it matter what people think they know of you? Does it matter what they say about you? In the end, it doesn't because only YOU have control of yourself. No one else does.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Well on Wednesday either you are going to be sighing with relief or scrambling to find receipts.

Which one will you be doing as a writer? Did you keep those receipts for all of the events you paid for in the past year? Did you log in mileage and if you paid with a credit card, did you keep those records. Did you purchase a new computer for your writing? What about supplies? What about that website that you paid someone to develop and put together for you?

Yes, all of those things need to be written off. What? You didn't know that? Well you are a small business you know.

Being a writer also means you are a business owner. Yep; you, the writer...reading a business owner. in fact you are a small business owner. 

If you didn't know that; than you didn't do all of your research. So Wednesday is right around the corner and if you didn't keep all of the receipts not to worry, there is always next year.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

1. Get a small notebook that you keep in your car. Log in your miles every time you go to an event. From start to finish.

2. Ask for receipts. Especially for gas, food and lodging whenever you go to a book event. 

3. Pay for events with a debit card and print off that receipt to keep for taxes.

4. Create a spreadsheet in Excel for easy tracking

I hope that helps in a small way. So, off I go to get all of my tax information to my tax guy. Hopefully I get a little something back or at the very least; don't owe any taxes. That's always a good day.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


While I am a great talker, I'd like to think of myself as a better writer. I talk because I can't live without talking; well no one can really.

But I have found out that I am a great talker. I was told last week that I am a "great interviewer" and "you are so good at this, why aren't you doing it full time." 

Who knew?

I knew I could write and that will be another blog but who knew I was also a great interviewer. Not my words but a guests.

So being the talker that I am; I always ask questions hoping that the answer is one that I want to hear. I was once told, just ask and all they can do is say no. So I asked. I asked this great novelist to be on my show and he said YES.

Wait, what? Yes...what am I suppose to do now? I didn't expect a YES! So I do what I do when I'm unsure; I go shopping!

Shopping for shoes! That is what calms me when I'm stressed. And trust me, I was instantly stressed. How else did I talk this great novelist into being on my show? 

So as I shopped I found some great shoes and it came to me! I'll just ask questions that I want to know and I became very confident in that moment. I got some really cute shoes and some really great questions came to mind.

So I hope you caught the interview with R.L. Stine and if not...please check it out here. R.L Stine Interview

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow, snow and more snow....

It seems like it is becoming more and more common for the DC area to escape the snow in December and January.

However, we are now experiencing winter in February. Somehow that just doesn't seem fair.

I am gearing up for Spring and having snow in the middle of February is not what I am used to.

It has given me the opportunity to get some writing done, rearrange some closets and also visit with my grandchildren.

Snow can be a good thing...but why do I always feel stir crazy if it snows for two days? Why do I gnash my teeth if schools are delayed? Why do I look out of the window like a lost child wondering when the ground will be visible and the grass green?

Oh, it's because the snow keeps me cold. The snow ruins my vacation "high". The snow makes my dog forget that we don't walk at 4am in the snow just because he can't hold it until a reasonable hour.

Yeah, the snow is pretty to look at but it also stops me from doing what I do best..sitting on the deck with a glass of wine and a small fire burning while I listen to the crickets and look at the stars.

Does anyone else want the snow to stop and Spring to begin?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


So its the first week in February and what is it about this month that you LOVE?

I love that I get to go on vacation for a week but I also love that this is the week that LOVE IS MURDER happens.

If you have been following me for the past three years, than you know that I attend the Love Is Murder conference every year.

I get to meet up with old friends, make some new friends and get to congratulate the LOVEY award winners.

This year, my publisher Intrigue Publishing, has two more nominees up for the LOVEY. Last year CA Verstraete won for best horror/zombie novel and this year +Jeff Markowitz  and Annie Alexander are up for best Thriller and Mystery in their categories.

I hope we bring home both!

So even though this is the month of LOVE...I love that I get to go to such a great conference.

What do you love about this month?

Monday, January 12, 2015


I plan on doing the same thing; only more of it.

That's the simple answer.

The real answer is: Work harder to sell more novels; Work harder to get more people to read; Work harder to make my radio show better and Work harder in my personal and professional life.

That is why I will now begin posting my show  here as well as on YouTube. Most people don't like YouTube but for me; I've learned that you have to step out of your comfort zone and tackle the things that scare us the most.

You will now begin to see my show, The We B Swangin Show every Friday.

Consider it a rerun of my Wednesday show. So what I want you to do...yes, I'm talking to you. Don't look around, I'm talking to you, the one reading this.

I want you to share it on your Google pages, Share it on your Facebook pages, Share it on your Twitter pages and you never may earn a spot on my show with me. Showing off your shoes, your writing skills or just hanging out at the coolest station ever!

So now that you know what I will be doing in 2015; what will YOU be doing?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I had a great time speaking with this author before I went out and partied for New Year's Eve!

Check out Damien DSoul and how he markets while living in Nigeria