Friday, October 30, 2015


Where has the time gone?

Before you know it; it will be December and the Christmas rush will begin. So before it does here is what you need to be doing as an author to prepare for the upcoming year.

1. Look up conferences to attend.
Here are a few that I attend: Creatures, Crimes and Creativity   Malice Domestic   BoucherCon2016 LIM Con   

2. Get your tax papers ready. I hope you kept those receipts for conferences you paid for. Did you write down the mileage every time you did a book event? What about the hotel stay you had to pay for? All of those things are tax deductions that can be used.

You do remember that you are a small business, right?

3. Have you separated your personal bank accounts from your book/business accounts. Yes, this is something that you should have done the very first time you made a sale.

4. Have you inventoried your books? You need to keep an accurate record of what you have on hand. Have you filed away the receipts when you purchased books?

5. Have you created a spreadsheet with your royalties? What! Gasp! I think I'm about to faint if you say no.

6. Make a budget for the coming year and what you want to spend for the following: Attending conferences, purchasing books to have, marketing materials and travel expenses. This should be done BEFORE doing Item Number 1 on this list.

7. Make sure that if you have purchased clothing for your book appearances that you write that off to. Yes, they are business expenses.

8. Make a commercial for the Christmas holiday. Remember; the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, what better way than to be among the many commercials that people will see. Put it on YouTube, your website; your blog, your Facebook page and your Twitter account. You may need to do multiple ones but remember; short and sweet make = book sales

9. Post those pictures to your Pinterest page! If you attended conferences people want to see what you did! Remember people are visual; we have to see you in order to know you

10. Get ready because January will be here before you know it!

Now, remember, these are ONLY SUGGESTIONS!  You do not have to do them all but using this as a guide will help you navigate the upcoming holiday and New Year!

Until next time Keep Reading and Keep Writing.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Today begins a new chapter in the life of the #MDC3Con social media presence

In the world of FACEBOOK and TWITTER; it was decided that the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Con needed a Facebook page.

At this year's con; attendees wanted a more interactive way to keep up with the information for the con held every year.

What the attendees want; they attendees get!

This is one Con that takes everything that the attendees want into the planning stages of the con.

They wanted more choices in panels for fans. Check.

They wanted more choices in food. Check.

They wanted more big name authors. Check.

They wanted to keep the panels on Sunday. Check.

They wanted something to do before noon on Friday. Check.

Can you see what happened here. The planners of the Con took everything that the survey's said and gave it to them; to the best of their ability.

So they want more interactive means to get information and feel like they are involved. CHECK

Go here and LIKE the Fanpage of the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity page and get all of the information first!

You will even get to see who will be our guests next year before everyone eles!