Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

I couldn't let this week pass without addressing the senseless violence that occured at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week.

This tragedy struck many hearts because all anyone could think was; "what if that was my school, my children or my sister, husband, wife, friend?"

Our collective hearts have been aching for those families and for all of the first responders that had to witness that.

It makes us realize that during this joyous time of year, those families will never see the delighted faces and cheerful squeals from their children again.

This is not the time for gift giving but it is about time spent with family. Young, old and the young at heart, need to hear how much you love them. Every day, not just on Christmas.

Hug your child, your grandchildren and tell them how proud you are of them.

It's Christmas!

Ok, well its almost Christmas! My most favorite time of the year.

It's not just the time for shopping but for me, its all about my little village. You see; I started a christmas village about 21 years ago; when my youngest daughter was born. My husband had brought me two small houses to help 'decorate' the house.

I fell in love with the little people in the window and felt like I wanted to add to it. And that is just what I have done; every year, for 21 years. I have added one house to it, each year.

What has happened is that the little village is now a big town with Main Street, Federal Square Avenue, 2 police stations; 2 fire stations, and a strip mall. The neighborhoods have people moving in and out all the time. I also have a military base, complete with check points and did you see the cute little raccoons. Who could pass those up?

Does that sound a little crazy? Well sure it does but it only happens once a year and when Thanksgiving night comes; the 'village' comes alive and every day there is something to see. This year, Dallas opened up a new stadium! Ok, granted it is in my village but there it stands waiting for the Dec. 30th game. Oh, did I mention there is a bar; complete with drunks, and the local park where the local kids are running and playing, right along side the snowball fight. And the 50's style diner is a new established that has been quite busy since it's grand opening.


Take a look and tell me what you think I should add next year. (I know, you can't see all of the town, but I can't post ALL of the pictures...well I can..and will, so look for part two leading up to christmas!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where do I go?

Where do you write? Well I go to my most favorite place ever.

See the window?

I just moved into a new home and inside of my bedroom there is this small closet. Now the closet is suppose to be for clothes but it has a 32x28 sized window in there. My clothes would be visible and I couldn't have that.

So...I did what any clever minded individual would do.

I turned it into my own reading, writing room.
the whole little project cost me $35 dollars. Yes, can you believe it. 20 for the chair and 15 for the bookcase. Oh and do you notice that little green number? Hehehe, that's my stiletto shoe business card holder. See, it IS all about the shoes!

All of those books you see, FREE. I got them at Thrillerfest this year in New York. (see another reason to visit these conferences)and that isn't counting the other bookcase in my sitting room. Score!

So now I go into the closet and sit and create. My laptop plugs right outside of the closet, oh, excuse me; writing room. And the light is perfect. I can sit in there for hours, and I have. #dontjudgeme.

When and if I decide to come out of the closet, it's because I want something to drink. Now to figure out how to add my single cup coffee maker.

I think I got it!

Oh the joys of being an author! So tell me, where do you write?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why vote?

Today I was going to take a little time off to vote but being an author, I couldn't let the day pass without just dropping all writers a little note.

Today is election day and everyone, who can; should go out and vote.

I have turned voting into a family tradition and no matter where my grown children are, they know that at 5pm (1pm in Vegas) we are voting.

I don't want to know who they are voting for, all I want them to do is vote. We have lively discussions about the candidates and yes, we also make some jokes about both of the candidates but in the end, we all do our American duty and vote.

They even said to me today, "mom,really are you ever not going to write about everything that you do." Gasp! Clutch the pearls!

I nearly passed out, yeah I seem to be doing that a lot lately. First around shoes and now around my children.

After I told her to hold me up, I dusted myself off and said, "nope" Yeah that was real inspirational, wasn't it.

Well I had nothing to say. I write because I can; because freedom of speech allows me to say what I want as long as I am not malicious to anyone or spreading lies. So the simple answer is, I will always write about shoes, books, or voting. This is why I vote. I vote to be able to do things that I want to do.

So I asked her...Why wouldn't I?

Tell me, what would prevent you; yes you, the one reading this, from writing and have you voted yet?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Boot season is here!

I am so giddy; I can barely sit here to type this. I have found a new shoe/clothing store. I haven’t bought any clothes out of there but I have found the best shoes.
It a place called Citi Trends in Maryland. When I tell you that I have found heaven on earth, I’m not lying.
I walked in there a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with a purse and wouldn’t you know, they had grey boots to match. I mean c’mon, really? How could I pass that up? So I bought the one pair of boots and they are the cutest things EVER! But then I saw these! Of course I had to have the brown bootie boots with the buckle; I mean, really? And yes, I HAD to have the bracelet and earrings! #dontjudgeme
Then I had a few extra minutes about a week ago and walked in there and found a black pair of thigh high boots. Oh my gosh! I had to have them because what woman doesn’t need a black pair of 5 ½ inch thigh high boots. Then I saw these brown studded low boots and I had to have those too. I mean, I already had some thigh high brown boots but didn’t have any low boots to wear with my pants. Besides, I didn’t have a 5 inch pair.  Wait…wait…what… is…this… Gasp! I…
OK, I fainted from sensory overload and when I came to; these purple studded boots were in my closet. I don’t know how that happened. I wasn’t going to buy any more boots. I was on my way to the register and then all of a sudden, these purple boots attacked me!
Yeah, that’s it. The attack of the purple studded boots! Call News Channel 4 and get Jim Vance over here. No, wait. I need Pat Collins from WJLA 7 news…yeah, somebody needs to document this. Those purple boots attacked me!
That’s the story, I’m sticking to and you can’t make me change it!
So, in two weeks, I bought four pairs of boots and two purses, oh and a grey coat. Yes, a coat because I need something to wear with my new gray boots and my new gray purse. But you know…now that I have brown boots, I think I need a brown purse and I can’t have a brown purse without having a brown coat. I mean can you imagine the horrors of trying to force a black coat on me when clearly the black coat goes with the black boots and black purse.
Oh no; I feel another trip to Citi Trends coming on. Stay tuned for more…

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Conferences...Should I go or stay home?

That is the question I used to ask myself and I used to say, I'm not going. What would I have to gain by going anyway? Besides, I could keep that money in my pocket.

Well, let me tell you. Going to conferences should be on your list of things to do. Why? Well I'm glad you asked. What, you didn't ask? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Conferences not only prepare you for what you will deal with when trying to promote yourself and they also make for great networking opportunities. Yes, you need to be able to tell someone about your book in less than 15 minutes and at a conference you are asked that question hundreds of times. Great practice.

Austin Camacho plans his schedule a year in advance. He then checks the schedule of the conference he wants to attend and the panels he wants to see. It also gives him a way to get his personal copy of the novel signed by the author. "I used to go to learn about the business and to improve my writing. Now I go for the networking and the charge I get from being around great writers."

See that is what I'm talking about! He has a plan and he sticks to it. Now quiz time. How many of you have a plan to attend conferences? (hearing the birds and crickets) Well, do you see my hand waving around in the air like a flag? I plan on going to as many conferences as my purse can handle. Like, the C3 conference in Baltimore in September 2013 and Love is Murder in February and Thrillerfest in July.

So I already have three on my schedule and now I need one or two more. Hmm, should I go to Romfest in June or maybe it will be Bouchercon in October. These are just a few that I can choose from.

Which one will I see you at? Drop me a line and let me know so that I can meet up with you. I'd love to see you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Are you doing enough?

What do I mean by that?

I mean; are you doing enough? I think it is self explanatory. Are you doing enough to market yourself; to be an author; to be published.

First let me say this, as I step up to the mic, that I had become a slacker. So to answer my own question. I used to do enough and then life got in the way and I started finding excuses.

However after seeing a friend past me in the marketing game; oh you didn't know. I'm super competitive. Anyway, after seeing him past me in his efforts to get his book seen by hundreds or thousands, I said to myself, "game on!"

Ever since then, I've been all over the place. I've been to markets, schools and conferences. I've paid my way to do these things and yes it gets to be costly but I want to been seen by hundreds and thousands too. (OK, sorry I was whining just a little bit) Anyway, I set a budget in my mind and then I make it happen. Plain and simple.

So, I ordered my business cards, banners, postcards and magnets. I ordered books, starting blogging and bought some new clothes; (a perfect reason to shop) and set about doing what I could to get my name and face and books in front of people.

So; I'll ask again, are YOU doing enough? If not; what's the excuse?

I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Do you need your own mic? If so; I'm passing to you now...

Monday, October 22, 2012

What do you write in?

Rosemary, or Rosey to her closest friends, found me on LinkedIn when I sent an invitation to blog.
Today she tells us what she likes to wear when she is writing.When I blog I rest my feet in furry pink slippers on a built-in obsolescence model printer. Practically it is to save my knees and level my bottom. Metaphysically, what is it? Lowest upward – let us consider.
Obsolete printer? I have finished with cheapos bought from department stores. The days of pandering to the teaching profession with lush handouts produced spontaneously in the wee hours for belligerent students are gone. When the school door was firmly closed, I emptied the ink for a friend who shook over a forthcoming inspection then declared this object redundant. It stubbornly retained the label some months later when I repurchased ink for another purpose so now it is under my feet. Any future model will have to be laser, imperishable and funded. The old model signifies the fight for better facilities.
Pink fluffy slippers? These signify comfort, warmth and refusal to totally negate a young girl’s dream world with the harsh realities of advancing age. Slippers hug my feet with love, for my daughters supply them. They remind me to see a pretty image in the mirror even if I have to dim the light. They defy the cold and whisper to me of days in the Jamaican sun where feet never feel a chill. Slippers predict better days to come
Bottom always pressed into a hardwood chair, computer bound, several mornings a week? This signifies persistence. It is the only quality lauded by pundits as likely to succeed. Using this, I keep electronically communicable, approachable as an author, aspiring as a marketer and battling as a writer. My relief is a walking job for limited wages but my belief is in the profit that will one day flow from the balanced cheeks here firmly pressed.
Who ever said writing does not pay needed to add “yet”. We live in an age when centenarians are becoming average. In the old span of life we were ancient at seventy, now we are late middle-aged. Let us all build dreams for our extended phase.  With electronic literature, e-sales, pyramid promotions we must redress the march of time, the conformity to stereotype, the deterioration of the fiery spirit that fuelled us and find obsolescence to climb over, comfort to cling on to and visions to invest in. My seat at my computer does all these things. I’m sure yours is doing it for you too.
Thanks for sharing the positive promise of a writing life.

Thanks Rosey, I'm making myself her closest friend and for me; I like to wear...wait this isn't about me, is it?
What do you like to write in?
Let us know and while you are at it, why not stop by and check her out

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's your excuse?

I recently guest blogged on a friends blog. Mr. Camacho asked me to present a blog for him and of course I jumped at the chance.

After posting to it, I realized that I had every excuse, well not all of the excuses, but most of them; not to write. I thought about it and then said, well why aren't you writing. And the simple answer is; because I'm so very busy.

Ok, well not real busy but busy enough that I can't dedicate a lot of time to writing. Now if you read his blog you saw that I'm the marketing director of Intrigue Publishing; and that is a serious job. I need to make sure that I am helping all the other authors out there.

Then there are the grandbabies. Five of them and one of them is a girl. So of course I need to spend time with them and teach the boys how to protect their girl cousin and teach my granddaughter how to be a diva. (side note: she just turned one and she is a diva; all by herself)
Then there is the football season; need I say more? I mean, really? Seriously? How can I concentrate on writing when there is so much to do.

Oh look, there is another distraction. I need to wash clothes, clean the house, go shopping, do homework (did I mention that I am a FULL TIME college student).
Whew, after all of that now its time for me to check 'my status' on Facebook, and then there is the mindless 'tweeting' that needs to be done. But wait, I need to 'connect' on LinkedIn.
Ah, now here is some time that I can just chill. To sit on the porch and look aimlessly at the clouds forming.
Oooohh, look it looks like a big pillow. Will you look at the time; I need to run to Lowes to get some fall flowers before the store closes, in 4 hours!

Wait...did you hear that? It's me, pumping my brakes. Everything I just said (typed) is an excuse. I had at least two good hours to work on my novel and I decided to sit on the porch and look at the sky.
Ok, well sometimes we call it "inspiration" today I call it, an excuse.

So I am going to just do it! I'm going to sit down in this chair and start working on my novel...that is right after I re-arrange my sitting room.

Ooops, I'm doing it again; aren't I? I promise, right after writing this blog, I'm going to start working on my novel....
check back here in two days and find out what I really did with my free time.

Monday, October 15, 2012

What's your writing process

Today we welcome back "author in the making" Jade. She gives us a little glimpse of her writing process.
Grab your cup of tea, coffee or 'other' refreshment', sit back and take a read.

            When B first asked me to blog about my writing process I was shy about sharing.  Writing is such an intimate and private affair. No one had inquired about my process before. You only hear about a writer’s method once they’ve received a check and thus earned the title author.  I may not have a contract yet but I do have a set of writing rituals that include, setting time, a designated space, and outlining. All of these things allow me to get lost in the world I create.
             The idea for the novel had been in my head for years but not a word made it to print. To make it happen, I knew I had to set a deadline. I signed up for an Extreme Novel writing course at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda. I signed a contract agreeing to write a novel in 8 weeks. For at least 90 minutes per day, 5 days a week I was committed to working on my book. Each Monday night we’d come together and share the good and bad about our journey. The writing advice was great but the best thing for me was the accountability factor. Knowing I had to check in with others about my progress was motivating. Not everyone is willing to plop down $270 to have others shame them into writing but having someone check you from time to time aides in production. I needed a strong support group and the leader of that team started with me.
            I set my deadline and writing hours. People could not reach me between the hours or 9:00am and 1:00pm I was unavailable. That’s my designated writing time. There are few exceptions but I do not answer my phone or do lunch between those hours Monday through Friday.
            I secure my writing space. There are certain rules that my beautiful husband and 7 year-old son understand. If I am in my writing room, you are not. If I am not in my writing room, you are not. That is sacred space designated for one purpose and that’s to write. I don’t go in there if I am not writing. I won’t even edit in that space. It’s that serious. I compose detailed outlines there and talk out loud to my characters. I talk to them using their inflections, accents and attitudes. This helps me create dialogue. I speak the way they do out loud so the words on the page will do the same for the reader. 
            Most importantly I allow the words to flow. Picking them apart is a far more painful process and comes later. I don’t worry about grammar I just let the words spew and keep in mind that I’ll clean up later. All inhibitions leave and I just express raw thoughts. Having an outline sounds rigid and stifling to some but knowing where I’m going gives me the freedom to have fun creating along the way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flip Flopped

On September 8th, I met this beautiful spirit named Jade Newman. First her earrings and necklace blew me away and secondly she spoke so eloquently that I knew she was a truly remarkable woman. She teaches yoga and it shows through her calmness. She had some great questions about the writing process and the dreaded editing process, that "has taken her more than a year to do because she always finds something wrong." She came up to me at the end of the presentation and we spoke about what she should do next. Instantly I knew I needed her to be a guest on my blog. Please welcome Jade Newman and her funny take on her journey into The Land of Flip Flops.
I am one of them.
You know, the mom roaming around Target weekday mornings in yoga pants and flip-flops; well after the workout is over. You see, I teach yoga. My yoga pants and toe liberating shoes are part of my work costume but even I realize that I’m trampling all over the sacred relationship between woman and shoe. I once took great pride in giving my 5’3 inch body a 4-inch boost in height. I wore black dressy stilettos traveling on the metro and turned my nose up at the sensible women in dress suits with sneakers. I used to drop it like it was hot to Biggie and Jay Z in the club wearing sexy leopard print pumps. Blisters were temporary, but the compliments I’d get about my shoe game were forever. Admitting the new, not so stylish, shoe attitude I’ve adopted is embarrassing but I have decided to be proactive and do something to get my feet back in the game.
            Most shoe lovers I talk to cannot imagine such a shameful decline into the shoe abyss. I had to give a lot of thought to how this happened to me. How could a woman go from owning a pair of shoes to go with every outfit to a woman who bounces between pairs of black, tan and magenta colored flip flops?
It’s as painful for me to write as it is for you to read.
I could blame my lazy shoe choice on the knee surgery I had back in 2010, but after I recovered, stylish platform shoes lined my closet. I can’t blame it on being a mom. I rocked heels at my baby shower eight months in. It all started when I realized that my feet are tools that need to be protected. I forced myself to believe my feet are just things I need to keep me mobile. I foolishly chose to ignore the beauty in my feet and focus solely on their function. That day is dead and I know now that I can do both.
            The first step to revamping my shoe style was to start appreciating the fly shoe swag of others. Not for biting purposes but for the inspiration and assurance that it is okay to flaunt your feet. I observed the confidence women with sassy shoes exuded as they strut down the street. They walk with their shoulders back and chests held high. Their posture is valiant and pronounced. It’s as if they’ve practiced yoga for years. Then I frequented every shoe store in a 20 mile radius. Wild Pair became an addiction. The ladies at DSW in Fair Lakes know my name. I researched the right shoe for my comfort level and struck up that love affair once again. I practice yoga at least 7 hours a week, but nothing makes me stand taller than a pair of sexy shoes. I flip flopped but this time it’s for the best.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I met George, Jerry, Moore on Saturday and first was struck at how tall he was. OK, I shouldn’t have been thinking that but I mean, it has to be at least 6’6 and standing beside him made me feel like a midget, even in my 5 inch heels. But I digress. I asked him to post to my blog and he agreed. I think it was the heels. So I hand over this weeks blog to Jerry,  I mean George. Please leave him some suggestions; I’m sure he will appreciate it.
I met B. Swangin at a recent writers’ conference where she made an engaging, high-energy presentation on marketing.  Afterward, I gave her my card, so I could receive updates on her activities.  Needless to say, I was impressed by her and her presentation.
She noticed that my card included my blog address.  At that point, I reluctantly admitted that I had difficulty creating content.  She provided a couple pieces of advice, including guest posting.  I filed them away to ponder later.
Then, the next night, she offered the opportunity to guest post on her blog.  "Later" arrived much sooner than I expected, but I’m blocked writing content for my own blog, so how can I write for someone else's--a *REAL* author with a true following?
That's where fear raised its head.  What if I can’t think of anything?  What if it stinks?  I hate declining opportunities, but I had nothing.
Oh, crap. 
I wasn't ready to surrender just yet.  I asked myself what was stopping me, not only doing the guest post, but from posting to my own blog.  I'd been hovering around it for a time, and now it was clear.  Fear was blocking me. 
It’s the same fear you feel as an 18-wheeler is heading for you or when you’re walking in the woods and see a bear up ahead.  For city dwellers, substitute politician for bear and streets for woods--it’s the same thing, really.  :) 
Having fear isn’t a problem.  My reaction to it is what matters.  After all, when our ancestors saw a bear, they were afraid, which made them run--fast.  Eventually, they figured out that the bear was tasty too.  Because of that, humanity survived long enough to build cities. 
(As an aside, my wife pointed out that you could substitute possum for bear in the above paragraph to hilarious results.  Try not to laugh...)
What does this mean to me, an aspiring Sci-Fi writer or to other writers even?  Is it time to run or time for bear jerky?  I saw a graphic recently that had the words “Your comfort zone” written inside of a box.  Outside, the words “Where the magic happens” were written.
The reason I had difficulty creating content was that I didn't want to reveal much about my interests.  The catch here is that that's where my blog content resides. 
So, it’s time to set free my inner-geek (no, not THAT way).  Perhaps, I'll post about comic books.  There's some complex and compelling story telling happening in this format.  Hollywood is making movies based on comic books for a reason.  Perhaps I'll post about a new laptop/tablet combo that I have my eye on. 
Perhaps, I'll even relate how I read a short story about a starlet getting a Goth makeover (including using the words "pushup bra" and "being on display") to a writers' group composed entirely of middle-aged and older women.  It felt like the top of my ears were on fire I blushed so much.
I now return you to B. Swangin.
George G. (Jerry) Moore

Friday, August 17, 2012

Introducing...part 2

B. Swangin: Do you think there is a difference between being an author and being a writer?

 DB Corey: I think the difference between a writer and an author is the publishing part, of course. Being published allows you to claim the title of, author. But if you ask me what I am, I’ll tell you I’m a writer, unless I’m feeling especially full of myself. Then I’ll tell you I’m a novelist.

DB Corey
and his lovely wife Maggie

B. Swangin: Can you finish telling us about your ritual while writing.
DB Corey:  I get my best ideas at night, when my mind is free from the daily drudgery. Eventually I have to tie all these scenes together.  That’ when I fire up the laptop, checks emails, browse MSN, and just goof off trying to “loosen up” so to speak. Then, when I’m ready, I like to re-read the last scene or two that I’ve written, and start writing by re-writing to get to the next creative (and I use the term loosely) phase. It’s like picking up a book you’ve been reading,  but have laid aside for a day or so. You open to the bookmark, back up a few paragraphs, and refresh your memory. My writing process is much like that. Then it just kind of flows until I get tired, or my muse goes to bed.

B.Swangin: I can empathize. When your muse goes to bed that the time you should rest. Because once your muse is, things can get hectic.
Can you tell us what does it mean to you that you have a book about to be in print?
DB Corey:  More than I can convey. It was never about the money (don’t tell my publisher that). It’s about accomplishment. I’m in my 60s. I’m a middle-class worker bee. I’ve done some cool things in my life, but never really achieved what I thought I could—what I thought I should—until now. I don’t expect to become  a household word because of one book, but it’s something to be proud of, a small mark I can leave behind that proves I was here,  and I just wish my mom were still alive to see it.

B. Swangin: Well, of course it isn't about the money...well, we will keep that between I must say for 60, you look very good. I thought you were in your 40's. Maggie is a very lucky woman.
Well folks, I have to let DB Corey get back to work on his edits for his novel, Chain of Evidence and last question, when can we look for this hot new thriller?

DB Corey: Well if everything goes as planned, it will be released in June, just in time for Thrillerfest 2013

B. Swangin: Good luck and thank you for sitting down with me. Much success.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today, I introduce you to DB Corey.

He recently signed a contract with Intrigue Publishing in June and I wanted to be the first to sit down and talk to him about his journey.

B.Swangin:  When did you realize that you wanted to be an author?
DB Corey:    In 2005, I challenged myself to write a novel; only because my new girlfriend (now my wife) said that my emails were so good I could be a writer. Actually, I was only trying to bed her, but I bought into it just the same. So I cobbled together my first novel just to see if I could write an entire book. After determining that a novel should be around 80-thousand words, I decided on a premise, and wrote the opening line:

” Call me Ishmael.”

                HA! I wished!
                Ok. I’m only kidding. But, the truth of the matter is that I started writing a book. After several days of Seek & Destroy on my laptop (I can’t type), I caught myself checking the word count every couple of pages. It was nowhere near 80-thousand words. That was when I decided that writing a novel was not about word count, it was about sex, so I stopped checking. When I finished about a year later, I had to admit that it was the worst thing I’d ever seen, that I couldn’t write a lick, and should have paid more attention in high school English. But … I also decided that, if I were to bed my new girlfriend, I should try again. And this time, I should do it better. Sex is a powerful motivator.

B. Swangin:  I would say us how you found your current publisher.
DB CoreyFunny story. I stopped by a book signing Austin Camacho held in Annapolis just off the Main Street docks. I’ve know Austin for several years and always tried to support him, knowing damn well he’d have to respond in kind if I ever managed to get a book into print. While chatting with him over a cup of coffee, he told me that he and his wife Denise were going to launch Intrigue as a full-fledged publishing house in the near future. I asked if he was looking for manuscripts, and he invited me to the Meet & Greet they set up to get it off the ground. As is my way, I couldn’t find the Meet & Greet because I didn’t have a GPS, so I emailed him the material several days later. After reading the manuscript, they requested a meeting. The rest, as they say, is history.

B.Swangin:  What ritual do you have when writing?
DB Corey:  I have a black tee-shirt my wife gave me. It reads, “Oh, this is SO going in my next novel.” I wear it when I sit down at the laptop. I also have a room that I set up for writing, and writing only. If you’d like a peek, it’s on my Facebookpage 

BSwangin: Due to a hectic time, I have to end our conversation, but come back on Thursday for the conclusion of this interview...Until Thursday....

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mystery Writers make great friends

Today I have a guest blogger by the name of Lauren Carr. We met recently due in part to a posting on LinkedIn about an upcoming event next year on Sept. 13-15, 2013; C3 Conference.
She regularly posts for Buried Under Books blogs and today she decided to drop by.
Ten Advantages to Having a Mystery Author for a Friend (in person or on Facebook).
1.       If you’re ever locked out of your home, your mystery author friend will know best how to break in.
2.       Who better to show you where best to conceal a weapon?
3.       At Pampered Chef’s parties, they are very handy in detailing what kitchen utensils make the best weapons for use in self-defense … just in case your family launches a coup after serving them your world infamous tuna casserole once too often.
4.       Mystery authors are less sappy at conferences than Romance authors. We don’t hug as much. That isn’t because we’re standoffish. It’s because we don’t want you to detect our concealed weapons. Since we don’t hug as much, this means we don’t spread as many germs and you’re less likely to catch a cold when you get home.
5.       Mystery authors are more exciting. They are the only friends able to plot out your murder and list your friends and family as suspects in order of interest when you’re fifteen minutes late for lunch. (If your friend reveals that the babysitter did it, you may want to take a closer look at the sitter’s text messages.)
6.       During those paranoid moments when you think your next door neighbor is a mob assassin because he has been acting suspicious, your mystery writing buddy is the one friend you can count on to not only support your belief, but break into his house to illegally search it for proof. Of course, you can depend on your friend to bring the lock pick kit and know how to use it. (Don’t ask her how she knows how to use it.)
7.       If your spouse leaves you for another woman, your mystery author friend can advise you on how to fake your death and make it look like he killed you so that he will spend the rest of his life in jail for what he did.
8.       Your mystery author friend is more than happy to run a background check on that new mate you met online.
9.       On that first date, you can count on your mystery writing friend to tail you and your date all evening to make sure you don’t end up in a plot for their latest book … whether you want her to or not.
10.   We know what countries don’t have extradition.

So make a Mystery Writing friend today!
I’d love to make your acquaintances at any of my sites:

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrillerfest...and yes it was a THRILL

Where should I begin?

Well I could start with the trip to New York. Also a great time. This year I traveled with Intrigue Publishing as this was the year that they wanted to let everyone know about this new publishing company.

I could start be telling you about the wonderful panels I was in; like, how to write humor in your work which was moderated by Karen Dionne and one of the panelists was Mr. Brad Parks, author of Faces of the Gone. Great novel; and no, I'm not just saying that because I know him and he is cute AND he won a Shamus Award...It really is a great book.

I could be telling you all about Eriq La Salle, yes from ER on NBC. I could be telling you that he is cuter than ever or that he has a voice that drips sexiness from it but I'd rather tell you about his new novel, Laws of Depravity which he wrote based on the accounts of the mass murder of the 12 disciplines of Jesus but set in present day.

I could be telling you all about the Melodie Johnson Howe who was the witch on Bewitched who fell in love with Darren. You can't even imagine when I walked in the room and saw her, my mind instantly went to, "OMG (yes I really did say it) that's the witch that cast the spell on Samantha's husband." Then when I got to take a picture with her...again...OMG!

I could even tell you about meeting Jon Land. Yes, author of Strong Justice and he is a cutie pie as well. I got his book and sent him a friend request the next day and history was made..OK, not history but another friend was made.

OK, well my night wasn't only spent with the cute guys. I actually did talk about myself and got introduced to Steven James. Well actually we were 'breakfast buddies" on Saturday morning and his book Queen was nominated for an award on Saturday. Oh, Steven is an editor and writer for The Writers Digest Magazine.

I could be telling you all of that but what I really wanted to tell you was that I had the best FUN of my life meeting new authors and seeing old friends and making new friends. I had a ball talking about my writing and listening to other writing styles. Oh, and I learned that Brad Parks is a 'pantser" so take that all of your 'outliners". Why is that important you may ask, it is because I am a PANTSER and proud of it. Don't know what it means...well you will need to read my blog in a couple more days to find out what that is.

How is that for a cliff hanger?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Realizing a dream

Sunday, July 22, 2012 is the day that a new author was born.
His name is Bernie D.
Sure he has a last name but it is to hard to say, let alone try to remember how to spell it but this is the day he will never forget.
Today he signed his contract with Intrigue Publishing to become a published author and to realize his dream.
Intrigue Publishing is a small publishing company in Maryland making big moves in the literary world and today it added to it's stable another great author
"I've been on pins and needles for three weeks, waiting for today." he said as he sat down to sign his contract.
He has been excited and his wife has too. Maggie is his dear loving wife who supports her husband like a wife should. She never discouraged him but always encouraged him to finish his novel. Chain of Evidence is a suspense novel that will drag you along for the ride, whether you want to go on it or not.
Today Bernie D and his wife Maggie traveled to Upper Marlboro Maryland to meet with the people who are making his dream a reality.

Today Bernie D became DB Corey.

Yes folks, his author name is going to be DB Corey and it is a very interesting story but one that he will tell you about when he does a guest blog on here in the next couple of weeks. I will also interview him here and he will also be on hand to answer some of your questions. Who knows, his lovely wife Maggie may also have a few answers.

BTW, just in case you are wondering...she had killer shoes on today and I forgot to ask her where they came from. See again, a woman after my own heart.

Sure I have plenty of other news to share with you, namely about the conference that I am working on. C3Conference will be next year, Sept 13-15 to be exact, and I still need to tell you about my weekend at Thrillerfest but that will have to wait for a couple of days because today I wanted you to get the first look at Mr. DB Corey.

Be on the look out for this great new author.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Today, Yani from The Yellow Clutch Society will be interviewed. I am so glad that you granted this interview.

 When did you become concerned with your wife’s fascinations with the Yellow Clutch Society?
I noticed the change the minute she tried to gain entrance. She was hanging out, spending money on more and more expensive things because she wanted to impress these women. We began arguing like cats and dogs and thing just weren’t right in our home anymore.

You seem in tune with your wife so how did you know she was in danger?
I just felt it in my bones that my wife was in danger when that woman tried to stop my wife from breathing. I inherited a certain type of clairvoyance from my grandmother.

What was your reaction or gut feeling to Mrs. Isadore?
At first, her nasty spirit jumped on me. Her eyes were jet black and so cold that I had to make sure she never came back on my property.

In the house of rituals, did you know that things would happen like that?
Hell no! Even though that’s my boy, when you play with fire, you end up getting burned.

Do you think your wife has learned her lesson about trying to join different societies?
I sure hope so, but what I want her to learn is to keep her head out of the clouds so that she can see people for who they really are, more clearly.

Thank you Yani for sitting down and talking to me for BSW blog today, it has been very enlightening. If you want to learn more, than you definitely need to pick up your copy of The Yellow Clutch Society today.

To learn more about TheYellow Clutch Society, as well as learn more about the Author Denesha Sheree Please visit the following sites.

To view the author's book trailers, visit: