Monday, January 15, 2018


So I decided to go organic/healthier for the next six month. 

So, I walked into an organic store in  Bowie and I noticed one thing immediately; it was FREEZING in the store. Even the clerks were walking around with big sweaters on. I asked one of the ladies; why is it so cold in here. She said that organic stores keeps the temperatures down slightly lower than regular stores because the food is 'all natural and can spoil much quicker." The weather was the other factor. (DC was in the middle of a brutal cold spell the first week in January)

Undeterred, I wrapped my scarf around my neck and pressed on. I found some amazing finds on meats and bulk rice, oatmeal and spices. 

I didn't buy anything because I wasn't going home until the following day. 

Fast forward to Monday (Jan. 8) and I decided, I am doing it. I'm going to go to Whole Foods.

Yes, the store was cold but I was prepared.  Scarf, hat and gloves ready, I parked in the garage and set off!


I found what I was looking for but was also given some great tips by the nice man in the meat department. No, not like at your local stores. This was ACTUALLY a meat department. 
The guy was back there; waiting for you to tell him what you wanted and then would cut,weigh and package your meat for you. You know like in the 70's. The brown paper wrapping that I was so in love with when watching shows like I Love Lucy and Leave It To Beaver. ( I always wanted to buy my meat like that, go figure)

1. Never buy more food than you will consume in a week. Organic food is best kept in the fridge NOT the freezer.
2. It may be expensive but look at it in these terms. My shopping trip cost me $56.72. On average I spend about $113 every couple of weeks. Broken down; I am actually spending the same amount of money; although making more trips to the store. However, not spending anymore in gas because it is on the way home; so win-win for me.  
3. Organic milk is better for you but remember to SHAKE it before using it. Also it comes in glass bottles so take them back for your refund. Every little bit helps. 
4. It is more expensive but the health benefits are worth it.
5. Most organic/natural food markets will custom cut any meat you would like. 
6. Most eggs come from free range chickens.
7. Most beef is grass fed with no antibodies added.
8. No nitrates are used in organic bacon. 

I wanted pork chops but didn't want the thick cut they offered. The butcher worked with me and I ended up with 4 thin sliced pork chops for the cost of what 2 thick chops would be.  I could immediately taste the difference!

So for the next six months; I am going to be all organic/natural when it comes to my food. I am going to see if this helps with my energy and sleep levels.

Would you go organic knowing that the food is much more expensive but healthier? 

Sometimes we have to make a choice. Convenience or Healthy?

Monday, January 8, 2018


Every year I post about tax season.

Every year I get asked the same question.

Do I have to itemize my author expenses?

The real question should be, why AREN'T you itemizing your author expenses?

Whenever you do anything as an author; you should have a small notebook that you keep in your "author bag" and in your car. (You DO have an author bag, don't you)  More on that in a different blog.

So when you bought your own 'stock' of novels; you kept those receipts, right? Write them off

When you drove over 100 miles for that book signing; you took note of your mileage and gas, right?

When you paid for those conferences and workshops; you did keep those confirmations and receipts; right?

When you bought those comfortable shoes; that you ONLY wear for your book signings. Because you don't sit down while you are at an event; except to sign your novel. You did keep that receipt, right?

See, there are  a lot of hidden deductions that you have.

What about that new laptop or desktop that you bought to only do your novels on. How about when you turned that extra bedroom into your writing den, you do know that part of that can be written off.

Now, I am NO TAX EXPERT but I do know that most things that require payment, should be done separate from your daily and household budgeted items. I also know that they can be written off but you need a TAX PROFESSIONAL to do that for you.

So; are you ready for tax season?

If you are not; begin by finding those receipts that you can easily put your hands on. Then after you do that, get yourself a small notebook that you can keep with you at all times. 

You never know WHEN a deduction may happen.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I made it a question because some of you are going to wonder...what is so happy about the new year?

Well, for one; you made it to see another year.

Second, you are an amazing author or soon to be one.

Third, you actually have readers/fans who await your next novel.

There are at least three reasons why it's a happy new year.

Can you think of more? 

I can.

I'm happy that an old year has passed and that I learned some valuable lessons in 2017. I learned that no matter how strong, healthy or independent you think you are; there is always something that will prove you wrong.

I also learned that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

This year will be great. Not because of anything that I do; but because of everything that I want.

I want health, happiness and contentment for 2018.

What do you want in the new year?