Saturday, August 1, 2020


I won this contest about two weeks ago and was ecstatic! 

I didn't see it until the last day of the contest and was the last entry. 

Wouldn't you know I won! 

I had a fan girl moment! Hank Phillippi Ryan is one of those authors that I would follow around the country on her book tour. Not like a stalker, mind you, but like a true super fan!

So to win an advanced copy of her latest novel, BEFORE it hit the bookshelves was an honor and a privilege. 

The First To Lie is one of those; I think I know who is lying but then it turns out not to be who you thought it was! 

The saying, Liar, liar pants on fire; truly applies to this novel.

Ryan has twisted the story so much that you get lost in the characters and lost down the rabbit hole and you then start to question whether you would lie to get what you wanted. Or have you lied to get what you have?

This novel leaves you guessing, guessing and then gasping when the truth is finally unearthed.

You better grab this novel quick but don't plan on getting any rest. This novel will keep your mind racing until the end and then it will jolt you the conclusion.

Pick up your copy today.