Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I took the month of April off to celebrate my 50th birthday!

Yep I needed an entire month because after all; you only turn 50 ONCE in your lifetime and many of us don't make it.

But I'm back and full of it!

Yep, full of ideas and I am going to share an small excerpt of what I have been working on.

Tell me what you think?

(Untitled Mature Romance novel)

She rolled over and noticed the time on the clock. “Holy hell!” she said as she threw the covers from her thick frame. Then she heard it. Snoring.
“Hey, hey.” She said as she pushed the back of the sleeping man on the opposite side of the bed.
“What?” he said groggily.
“It’s nine o clock, you have got to go.” She said as she snatched the covers from his body. She sucked in a breath as those thick, muscular arms and broad shoulders brought back memories from the previous night.
“C’mon it was a late night.” He said as he pulled the blanket back up to his shoulders.
“No, no, no.” she said tugging at the covers. “My son will be here in less than an hour.” Although if she knew her son, it would be more like two hours but she didn’t’ want to tell him that.
“Babe, let me sleep just a little longer. I mean, damn; it’s not like you let me get much sleep last night.” He said as he turned over and grabbed her hand.
“Well, somebody had a lot of mouth and I had to make you live up to your words.” She said as she closed her eyes and let his fingers trace down her C cup breasts.
He moved towards her and brought a hardened nipple to his mouth.
“Look…” she began saying but his tongue slid lower until he was licking her thighs. “Umm, well, since you insist.” She said as she allowed him to climb on top of her and soon nine o clock became nine forty five.
He lay on her back, sweat dripping from him onto her. He kissed her cheek.
“Now that you have thrown off my whole morning, can we now get in the shower before my son gets here?”
“Yes! You want to continue in the shower.” He said as he rolled off of her and sat on the side of the bed.
“No, you shower; I’ll make coffee and then join you. But you better be half way finished by the time I get there. No fooling around.”
“If you say so.” He said as he got up and walked towards the bathroom.
She smiled and let her eyes travel down the length of him. “I’m so lucky.” She said as he turned.
“No, I’m the lucky one.” He said as he closed the door and she heard the water come on in the shower.
She righted herself in the bed and reached for her glasses. She then poured two of her arthritis pills in her hand. She got up and pulled on her robe and slippers. She passed the mirror and brushed down her unruly grey hair.
“Not bad for 57, not bad at all” she said as she continued to the kitchen.