Friday, July 10, 2015


Every year in July; New York City is converged upon by aspiring authors, writers, NY Times Best selling authors and ME.

OK, so I'm an author but I haven't made any "list" yet except the "stylish shoes list" and hey, while I love being on that list; I'm hoping that one day I make THE list. No; not NY Times best selling list but the list of authors who are on panels.

I'm still to afraid to put myself on the panels at +International Thriller Writers Inc Thrillerfest. I know almost all of the people on all of the panels because they have been on my radio show. I have even taken selfies with them but sitting up there with them..nope; "I'm not ready" and yep; I'm admitting I'm scared.

So this year, I will be sitting in the audience being a great marketing person looking for ideas and then I will take my customary selfie shots while in the panels and then I will ask that one question that no one asked or wants to know except me. Then I will fantasize about being up there next year...yeah; next year I'll be on the panel.

Ok, I said that same thing LAST year but really, next year I'll make that leap. After all, I have cute shoes. 

So if you are going to be at Thrillerfest this year; please look for the girl in the six inch heels taking selfies with anyone that will let her. 

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