Monday, February 22, 2016


Well, I"m back and lets just say that I had the most wonderful time while away.

First, I didn't get up until at least 3AM every morning. Which is a great thing! I normally don't sleep so to get at least two hours of sleep during vacation is a good thing.

Secondly, I laid on the beach and got myself an amazing tan. Yes, people. Black people do tan and mine is flawless.

Third, I got a LOT of writing done! Like a lot. How much? you may ask. Let's just say that this romance novel should be finished in two months.

Fourth, and I'll just leave this. My phone was stolen. But I am not going to go into that because it will cause me to lose my "vacation high".

I went to San Juan and stayed at the +Marriott resort and the accomodations were amazing! The pool, the staff, the food, the bar...all exceptional (Except for the little part where I was robbed and security didn't think to fill out a report until I had to ask them )

Other than that, I can't wait until my next vacation which is in less than two months! Yes, you have to begin to enjoy life because time waits for no one.

Did you take a mid winter vacation? and if so; where did you go?