Thursday, May 28, 2015


By nature I am a great marketer. By nature I don't like hand to hand sales. By nature I'd rather write but we all must do things in our writing lives that make us uncomfortable.

Selling my novels to my friends and family is easy. Well everyone knows that, right? You tell them you wrote a book, invite them for free food and giveaways and they will buy a book. (Most of the times)

It's those times when I have to set up a table, talk my way into a bookstore or sell to total strangers that I am uncomfortable with.

By nature I'm a very shy person. Yes, I'm shy. However when it comes times to sell my novels to the masses; I become even more shy. I feel like people will judge me. And actually they do. Imagine the 'slick' comments I get with my name. Yes people; for the hundredth time; It IS MY LEGAL NAME. Although it does make a great stripper name and if I was more ambitious I'd be selling my novel at the local 'gentleman's club". But I'm not that ambitious...yet.

So on the occasions that I get to stand in front of strangers, I try to smile and not look so uncomfortable.

I am a "social butterfly" and can post to Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets 50-60 times a day. Not a problem but that is just marketing. When it comes to that's a different story.

I'm lucky that my 'brand' has continued to carry me through these such days.

My shoes are FIERCE! and when people see me standing for four or five hours in six inch heels or see the stiletto perched onto of my book display; it always brings them to the 'yard' I mean, table.

So matter how uncomfortable I am, I can always smile when someone asks. "How do you do it all day?" "I used to wear those heels in my younger days". "Your feet don't hurt?"

I smile and answer them and then it happens, the put me in my comfort zone by asking me to tell them all about my book. Let the selling begin!

And THAT my friends is the difference between marketing and selling. Marketing happens whenever someone asks about your novel. Marketing happens when you post on social media. Marketing happens when you print up materials to hand out.

Selling happens when you step out into the world; let people see your brand, your novels and yourself. Selling happens when people ask you; What, Where, When, How and Why? Selling happens when you least expect it.

Step out of your comfort zone and step into the magnificent world of an author. I promise you the feelings of euphoria takes over and you will be on cloud nine!

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