Monday, April 20, 2020


For an author this is the best time to get some major writing done.

We normally have so many things going on that we have to "schedule" time to do what we love.

Now because of the pandemic, we are getting as much time as we need to, to write.

Are you using this time to write? or do you still need some motivation?

I have found that this is the perfect time for me. What else could be better for a setting than staying in your house, trying not to kill your husband and children.

This is the perfect time to come up with a murder mystery. How could you kill them and get away with it during this time? How could you use this time to wisely?

Well first you have to go back into that writing room that you set up a year ago with the intention of writing every day.

Then you have to sit there and dream up of so many scenarios that you have to have a white board to keep up with the ideas.

Next, call up Staples and have them send over ink and paper because the words will be flowing out of you at a fast pace.

Ok, so that may not actually work but now is the perfect time to stir up those creative juices and get to writing that next installment or new novel. 

How are you spending this time during the pandemic? 

Are you writing or still find an excuse not to write?

Let me know on my FB author page, Author B Swangin Webster.

As for me, I am still editing but I have a new novel in my head and as soon as these edits are finished, that new novel is already written. All I have to do is put it on paper.