Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow, snow and more snow....

It seems like it is becoming more and more common for the DC area to escape the snow in December and January.

However, we are now experiencing winter in February. Somehow that just doesn't seem fair.

I am gearing up for Spring and having snow in the middle of February is not what I am used to.

It has given me the opportunity to get some writing done, rearrange some closets and also visit with my grandchildren.

Snow can be a good thing...but why do I always feel stir crazy if it snows for two days? Why do I gnash my teeth if schools are delayed? Why do I look out of the window like a lost child wondering when the ground will be visible and the grass green?

Oh, it's because the snow keeps me cold. The snow ruins my vacation "high". The snow makes my dog forget that we don't walk at 4am in the snow just because he can't hold it until a reasonable hour.

Yeah, the snow is pretty to look at but it also stops me from doing what I do best..sitting on the deck with a glass of wine and a small fire burning while I listen to the crickets and look at the stars.

Does anyone else want the snow to stop and Spring to begin?

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