Monday, October 5, 2015


Today begins a new chapter in the life of the #MDC3Con social media presence

In the world of FACEBOOK and TWITTER; it was decided that the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Con needed a Facebook page.

At this year's con; attendees wanted a more interactive way to keep up with the information for the con held every year.

What the attendees want; they attendees get!

This is one Con that takes everything that the attendees want into the planning stages of the con.

They wanted more choices in panels for fans. Check.

They wanted more choices in food. Check.

They wanted more big name authors. Check.

They wanted to keep the panels on Sunday. Check.

They wanted something to do before noon on Friday. Check.

Can you see what happened here. The planners of the Con took everything that the survey's said and gave it to them; to the best of their ability.

So they want more interactive means to get information and feel like they are involved. CHECK

Go here and LIKE the Fanpage of the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity page and get all of the information first!

You will even get to see who will be our guests next year before everyone eles!

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