Wednesday, December 29, 2021


 Do you remember when you felt those butterflies in the pit of your stomach when you first saw him/her?

Do you remember when you couldn't wait to be in his/her presence again?

Do you remember when you couldn't stop thinking about him/her?

I have the feeling now and I can't stop smiling about it.

He arrived on November 30th and has been in my life since then.

To soon for love, you say? No way. It was love at first sight. Hey if they can make an entire show about it, then I can find it too, right.

He came in and made himself at home and has never left. 

He makes me so comfortable and he actually allows me to rest. He comforts me when I need it most and for that I am the MOST grateful.

He lets me sit on him for hours, sometimes having to move a little to get more comfortable; but he never complains.

He can be a little hard to move but I manage to get him right where I need him.

I have bought new PJ's for him and spruced up my bedroom for him.

He is the BEST thing in my life right now; well right behind my kids, grandchildren, parents and cigars...but he is right up there.

I don't really like calling his name out because people look at me funny when I refer to him. 

Most time I just call him Cee but his real name is Sleep Number QC4

Wait...did you think I was talking or referring to something else. 

Since QC4 has come into my life, my insomnia has gotten slightly better. According to my sleep therapist, I have gotten more REST since having the bed. Not sleep but rest. There is a difference.

And for that I will be forever grateful to QC4. He has made my life better and now I must go back online to buy him some more sheets and PJ's. He appreciates that I make this effort to make him feel at home.

Is there something that you received for Christmas that has you instantly in love. Leave me a comment on FB or Instagram and let me know. Feel free to post a picture with it as well, because well, who doesn't like a good photo.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021


To get a good cigar! I just had an amazing cigar recently and the name...

Living The Dream by Drunk Chicken Cigar.

Drunk Chicken Cigar is owned by Desiree Sylver, PHD. It's a minority owned, woman owned, veteran owned, small business right here in DC.

The birth of Drunk Chicken Cigars started with friends and family hanging out in the family backyard; living the dream and sharing cigars. This backyard oasis includes over a dozen chickens, dogs and local wildlife. The "Drunk Chicken' name was established one evening as they were enjoying the typical Saturday night festivities and the chickens were "going home to roost" and seemed to stumble as if they were drunk. The Drunk Chicken events grew and became a regular, safe place to hang out. The "entry fee", if you want to call it that, was that you had to bring a cigar to smoke and one to share. That evolved into a quest of finding unique cigars that none of us had previously smoked.

After traveling to various cigar bars and shops and meeting many cigar aficionados including shop owners and cigar diplomats, Cuban hand rollers, cigar junkies and lovers like Desiree and her friends. They decided to impress their friends and have their favorite tobacco leaves blended and hand rolled to share at the "coop". The cigars were instant hits and Drunk Chicken Cigars was born...or hatched.

Ms. Sylver has a great team behind her and each of them has a roll in helping the company grown. Erick Story, Tanya Pritchett, Armando Gutturize and Cle Johnson. 

When asked who her biggest supporter, while trying to get started was; she responded, "Bobby, the owner of Aphelion in Gambrills, Md. and Don Weldon, the owner of Cigar Room in Madison, AL. They both loved the cigar but both said to change the band".

While the path is clear, the road has not been easy. There is a real learning curve coming from smoking cigars to actually selling/manufacturing your own brand. Learning all of the state laws, distribution and ensuring the cigars are of good quality and consistent, is some of the ways the Ms. Sylver handles the business. 

Interviewing Ms. Sylver was a great pleasure of mine and I also had the Living the Dream cigar. I can't wait to try them all.

Make sure you follow Drunk Chicken Cigars on FB and Instagram.

If you want more information on this local cigar, check out her website at Drunk Chicken Cigars