Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Indie published authors have come a long way from the horrible book size to the large print and the formatting that looked like a child did it.

Being an indie author now means you can produce a novel that looks just as good as any NY Times best seller on the shelves. Have you tried reading some good Indie Authors? You haven't, well let me give you five that you should start with.

1. +Cerece Rennie Murphy is an Indie Author with Lion Sky Publishing. She is an SciFi author and a children's book author and the most gracious woman you will ever meet. The Order of the Seers Trilogy will keep you entertained and guessing. She is an African American author doing big things in the Sci-Fi world mostly dominated by men. Take a look at her website if you don't believe me.

2. +Dee Lawrence proves that lawyers do have a sense of humor and that they can weave a good story OUT of the courtroom and her novel, Gotta Let It Go proves that. This novel takes you on a journey with a woman who; can't let go of her busy body ways or her stubborn attitude as she tries to find out who murdered her friend. Check out her website 

3. +Ayesha Shoulders is new to the indie world and she is making a big splash with her latest novel, When Loves Knot Enough. Sometimes women change their minds and that is just want happens in this love story. Can Mariah give love one more try before she throws in the towel? If you haven't read this novel, you need to pick it up today. Check out her website

4. Frances Frost is Just Piddlin and she does it while being a mom of 4! She wrote the novel; Life In Spades and it gives me hope that four women can be friends while being the voice of reason and the one you call on in your time of need. Check out her blog

5. +K. R. Raye is a friend and Diva that goes on tour with me and Dee Lawrence. Her novels takes you into the lives of four friends and shows you what it takes to screw up a friendship. This ride will force you to take a look at your own friendships and what you would do if one were in trouble. Check out her novels here: Amazon Page

So today I am giving you a glimpse of just five of my most favorite #IndieRoar #IndieAuthors and I hope you give them a try today.

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