Wednesday, July 31, 2013


In the news in the past month there has been star after star being arrested for doing something illegal.

The Ohio State football player was suspended for teh entire upcoming season because he was under investigation for assaulting a young lady. (at the time of this writing; those allegations have proven to be false)

The NE Patriots player accused of one murder and possibly of two more.

Makes me wonder..what the heck are these people doing and thinking? Do they not understand that they have such a great opportunity that many people aren't given and because they want to or just think they can get away with anything; they throw it all away. My son is a semi-pro football player and I am constantly telling him about 'friends' or wanna-be friends and knowing the difference. My words to him are, "Son, don't find yourself in a situation where your friends are doing wrong and question your loyalty. You better know that your friends will forgive and forget...your momma won't".

As adults we need to realize that what we do in our private lives can affect our public lives. What we think we will get away with will always catch up to us.

So for those children that you see screaming at their parents in the store or running around refusing to listen; know that it didn't start a year ago. It started when they were two years old and their parent told them to do something and they said, "NO" and the parent didn't correct that behavior. What are they thinking?

Well, my children didn't have the option of saying no. Sure they said it but I corrected that behavior by reminding them that it wasn't a choice I was giving them, I was merely being polite.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Writing and Parenting Parallels: How Writing and Parenting Overlap

Today's post is done by Rochelle Campbell who is an author and mother (who by the way is about to give birth to a little girl) I asked her to explain how parenting and writing go hand in hand.
The writing of a book can be likened to the birthing of a baby.  However, there are distinct differences.  With a book, you can stop and come back to it at various points in time.  Once you’re in labor, there is no stopping!  You must proceed to the end result – the birth of the baby!
However, the overall writing process I follow parallels parenting nicely.
The brainstorming a new story is akin to the conversations both parents have about starting a family.  However with a book, it is you and your muse having the conversation.  The odd thing about this convo is it tends to be lopsided.  Your muse tells you WHAT you should write and your brain/ego tell the muse all of the reasons why you should write this other thing that’s currently VERY HOT right now in publishing.  (Oops, did I write that out loud??)
The outlining your story is similar to when your child is little you have all of these grandiose plans…like how you will behave when your child reaches this milestone and that pinnacle.  These high points are akin to the plot points in your story.  What (most) parents don’t do is to fill in the gaps in between these high points.  How will you get from elementary school to middle school?  What does that look like?  What are the minutiae that go along with these years?  But that’s like taking the fun out of life (and writing!).  The fun is in enjoying the journey as you travel it.  Otherwise we’ll be like that Adam Sandler movie Fast Forward.  We’ll miss out on all the little joyous moments.
The ending of the story also parallels well.  We think we know what the ‘end’ of parenting is – when a child graduates college (or maybe high school, depending upon what generation you’re in!).  But is it really?  Is that ending satisfying enough?  Will the reader (or your child) find enough in what you’ve given?  Or, will they want another tome/lesson?  Or, will your child have all of the lessons truly necessary for their lives to run with them?  Will they need more from us after graduation?  We have to see as we go, don’t we?  Same thing with writing!
The editing process is exactly like raising a child; one is not quite sure of the right way to do things.  Why?  Because there is no ONE right way to do anything!  It is all about what is best for your child/your book at that moment.  In time, you can revisit past decisions and revise what you’ve said/written and hopefully have an awesome result!
For all of these reasons, writers make great parents (albeit nerdy ones!) because many of the same steps we take to bring a story into the world are very similar to the ones utilized to rear a child.  The same amount of thought, creativity, compassion, and wisdom required in great writing is necessary for great parenting.
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Monday, July 29, 2013


Yes, I'm being courted and my dad would be so happy. It's not that I'm a spinster or anything like that but being courted is something that every man wants for his daughter, right?

Well, my dad might be a litle disappointed to know that I am being courted by two women and a man. Actually, I guess you can say that want me to be a part of their group.

Now before you jump up and down and get yourself into a frenzy. I'm not talking about THAT kind of group; get your minds out of the gutter people. (not that's there's anything wrong with that)

I'm talking about being courted by a literary agency. That's right! Me, little ol me is being courted by one of the biggest agency's for literature and I am all aglow. (that's a word, right)

I was treated to a fancy dinner on Saturday then I got to go to a party where the First Lady was there and took note of my dress! Yes, my dress was a hit with the first lady. And let me just say this, she is really tall. I'm not short by any means, but even with my 6 inch heels on; she still had me by about 2 inches.

And, I got a car...I mean, not like Oprah, but they had a car and that is how we got to the party and I felt like Oprah or at the very least some rich spoiled kid. They laid out all that they 'could do for me' because they say I am "very marketable".

And do you want to know why this happened? It happened because of Thrillerfest! I owe all of this goodness to being at Thrillerfest and standing up and 'buzzing' my book!

I'm sure you are looking up Creatures,Crimes and Creativity right now because there will be agents there. There is still time to sign up!

So I guess you are wondering what my decision is: well I haven't made it yet. I know you are probably shouting, WHY NOT. The simple answer is: I have a lot of things to take into consideration and I don't want to jump into something that will impact the rest of my life. Just like buying a home, you have to KNOW that you want it. Oh trust me, I want it alright but they gave me two weeks to think it over...and that is exactly what I am going to do.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Today is July 25, 2013 and I have a brace on my left arm. You will see why that date is so important. Well, technically it is on my wrist.

You may be thinking...oh she must have carpal tunnel or maybe tendonitis, right? Wrong!

On Monday, July 20 I closed my door of my car and noticed a sharp pain in my wrist but didn't want to stop what I was doing long enough because in the words of Sugar Brown, "aint nobody got time for that". So I bared the pain and kept it moving.

That was until July 23, when I was headed to dance class. Yes, I am dancing like a fool every Tuesday night and having a blast. That's a different blog. Back to the story. So on Tuesday, I got out of the car and put my hand down on the seat as I got out and let me just tell ya; the pain that shot through my arm all but sent me sprawling onto the pavement. I wanted to cry like a 6 week old baby wanting her bottle but I tried to pull myself together. It didn't work. The pain got worse and worse; kinda like a contraction when you go into labor and just like a contraction, it went away.

Now on July 24th, I was sitting in my sitting room doing a little writing and sat my laptop down beside me and went to get up. Placed my hand down, to help myself up and when I opened my eyes; I was looking at the ceiling! What! What! Goodness I passed out from the pain and that is when I decided that maybe, just maybe, I needed to see a doctor.

So at noon on July 24th I went to the doctors and at 4pm I walked out with this on my arm. Courtesy of two cracks in the bone in my wrist. 

So for four days, I walked around with a fractured wrist; thinking that the pain would go away if I didn't touch anything!

Moral of this story: If you hear a crack, or pull something or are in pain. Go to the doctors.

Because I didn't make time, I have to wear this thing for at least two weeks; making my life much harder. (note: I probably would have still had to wear it but the pain was something that could have been handled with the right pain meds)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I know you didn't think I was done with the shoes, fun and all around good times that I had at +ThrillerFest, now did you?

I learned a lot of things on how to "Buzz My Book" from +MJ Rose and +Meryl Moss

They invited people to stand up and say one line about their novel..."but don't go into plot" MJ Rose warned, "or I will stop you."

After a few people went, I got a nudge from the president of Intrigue Publishing, to Buzz you book....I let one more person go by and when they announced 'we have time for a couple more'..I took the chance.

I sheepishly put my hand up and they picked someone else but happened. MJ Rose called on me...I was up! It was my turn...dear lord, please don't let me become a rambling fool!  

I stood, straightened my shirt, pulled in a quick breath and said, "My name is B. Swangin Webster, but really its Sandra and I write under that name"...and then I felt myself getting ready to slip in the bumbling, rambling stage...I had to think quick or they were going to make me sit down.

I found the courage and said, "I'm working on a novel about twin sisters, who are killing off professional men and it's called The Stiletto Stalker." was over, I couldn't sit down fast enough and then it happened.

They both lit up...well at least I think they did, and began to tell me how great that idea was and how I should find shoe stores, small ones at first and set up signings in would be a great place...but not right now...maybe in the future...but according to Meryl..."that's such a great title...and great shoes".

Oh my gosh! She noticed my shoes....and you could peel me from the ceiling...Me and my green shoes were a hit...they gave me the confidence I needed to buzz my book...and I kept that momentum going all weekend. and my shoes, made a big splash... stop shopping for more shoes and finish #TheStilettoStalker before next year...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Can I tell you just how much fun I had at ThrillerFest...oh my gosh!

I have always had a great time there and this year was no different. Of course for me, it is always all about the shoes...and let me just tell you...I have to always be on point with my shoes...they are my way of branding myself.

First let's talk about the shoes...oh shoes were a hit...and of course I knew they would be. I should be tooting my own horn, shouldn't I....give me a minute


Now back to the business at hand.

I searched high and low for shoes that would make me the stand out in the crowd and you know, I found them. Imagine my surprise as I was standing in line to get one of the FREE...yes that's right FREE books that they were giving away and a woman walked up to me and said..."you are're the woman on twitter with the shoes" I politely said "yes I am'' and she proceeded to say..."ok, let me see" a little dumbfounded I lifted my pant leg and she squealed...yes, she actually squealed. I am not kidding!

She then said, "I will be right back" and she did, she came right back with four other people who had "to see my shoes"

See this is one thing that I do are my life! I know them like...well like the bottoms of my feet.

From the moment ThrillerFest started, everyone who saw me, didn't say hello; they said, "Ok, let me see them" if I a comedian, I could make that mean so many different things but I knew they were talking about my shoes...oh and trust me...when you see will be envious ...yes, very envious!

Later this week, I will be talking about some rabbits with a 'bite'...and the woman that tries to tame them...