Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where do I go?

Where do you write? Well I go to my most favorite place ever.

See the window?

I just moved into a new home and inside of my bedroom there is this small closet. Now the closet is suppose to be for clothes but it has a 32x28 sized window in there. My clothes would be visible and I couldn't have that.

So...I did what any clever minded individual would do.

I turned it into my own reading, writing room.
the whole little project cost me $35 dollars. Yes, can you believe it. 20 for the chair and 15 for the bookcase. Oh and do you notice that little green number? Hehehe, that's my stiletto shoe business card holder. See, it IS all about the shoes!

All of those books you see, FREE. I got them at Thrillerfest this year in New York. (see another reason to visit these conferences)and that isn't counting the other bookcase in my sitting room. Score!

So now I go into the closet and sit and create. My laptop plugs right outside of the closet, oh, excuse me; writing room. And the light is perfect. I can sit in there for hours, and I have. #dontjudgeme.

When and if I decide to come out of the closet, it's because I want something to drink. Now to figure out how to add my single cup coffee maker.

I think I got it!

Oh the joys of being an author! So tell me, where do you write?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why vote?

Today I was going to take a little time off to vote but being an author, I couldn't let the day pass without just dropping all writers a little note.

Today is election day and everyone, who can; should go out and vote.

I have turned voting into a family tradition and no matter where my grown children are, they know that at 5pm (1pm in Vegas) we are voting.

I don't want to know who they are voting for, all I want them to do is vote. We have lively discussions about the candidates and yes, we also make some jokes about both of the candidates but in the end, we all do our American duty and vote.

They even said to me today, "mom,really are you ever not going to write about everything that you do." Gasp! Clutch the pearls!

I nearly passed out, yeah I seem to be doing that a lot lately. First around shoes and now around my children.

After I told her to hold me up, I dusted myself off and said, "nope" Yeah that was real inspirational, wasn't it.

Well I had nothing to say. I write because I can; because freedom of speech allows me to say what I want as long as I am not malicious to anyone or spreading lies. So the simple answer is, I will always write about shoes, books, or voting. This is why I vote. I vote to be able to do things that I want to do.

So I asked her...Why wouldn't I?

Tell me, what would prevent you; yes you, the one reading this, from writing and have you voted yet?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Boot season is here!

I am so giddy; I can barely sit here to type this. I have found a new shoe/clothing store. I haven’t bought any clothes out of there but I have found the best shoes.
It a place called Citi Trends in Maryland. When I tell you that I have found heaven on earth, I’m not lying.
I walked in there a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with a purse and wouldn’t you know, they had grey boots to match. I mean c’mon, really? How could I pass that up? So I bought the one pair of boots and they are the cutest things EVER! But then I saw these! Of course I had to have the brown bootie boots with the buckle; I mean, really? And yes, I HAD to have the bracelet and earrings! #dontjudgeme
Then I had a few extra minutes about a week ago and walked in there and found a black pair of thigh high boots. Oh my gosh! I had to have them because what woman doesn’t need a black pair of 5 ½ inch thigh high boots. Then I saw these brown studded low boots and I had to have those too. I mean, I already had some thigh high brown boots but didn’t have any low boots to wear with my pants. Besides, I didn’t have a 5 inch pair.  Wait…wait…what… is…this… Gasp! I…
OK, I fainted from sensory overload and when I came to; these purple studded boots were in my closet. I don’t know how that happened. I wasn’t going to buy any more boots. I was on my way to the register and then all of a sudden, these purple boots attacked me!
Yeah, that’s it. The attack of the purple studded boots! Call News Channel 4 and get Jim Vance over here. No, wait. I need Pat Collins from WJLA 7 news…yeah, somebody needs to document this. Those purple boots attacked me!
That’s the story, I’m sticking to and you can’t make me change it!
So, in two weeks, I bought four pairs of boots and two purses, oh and a grey coat. Yes, a coat because I need something to wear with my new gray boots and my new gray purse. But you know…now that I have brown boots, I think I need a brown purse and I can’t have a brown purse without having a brown coat. I mean can you imagine the horrors of trying to force a black coat on me when clearly the black coat goes with the black boots and black purse.
Oh no; I feel another trip to Citi Trends coming on. Stay tuned for more…