Monday, April 27, 2015


I'm asking that question today as it is my birthday and the year of Sandra.

Yes, I am making an entire year the year that I celebrate leaving my 40's. 

I always thought it mattered what people thought of me, or what people said about me. I have only begun to realize that it does not matter what they think or say of me.

Half of what people say and think about me, isn't true. However if they choose to believe it, that's on them.

Today as I celebrate my 49th birthday on this earth, I realize that I can't change the minds of anyone but myself. I can't stop people from thinking or saying negative things about me because they are going to do that anyway. All I can do is maintain who I am. I can only change the way I think, the way I act and the way I live my life.

No one will do it for me.

So today, I ask all of you.

Does it matter what people think they know of you? Does it matter what they say about you? In the end, it doesn't because only YOU have control of yourself. No one else does.

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