Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Going to conferences is what I love to do!

Meeting someone who has the exact name is me is something that even I couldn't make up but that is what happened about two years ago.

I went to the #MDC3Con in Hunt Valley in September of 2014 and found out that my registration wasn't there. I had no bag, no name tag and no anthology (which you can ONLY get from the MDC3Con)

Now me and the other Sandra had tweeted to each other and been on FB chatting so when it came time for the conference I was ready to meet "Sandra Webster" (Honestly I didn't think it would happen but one can hope)

They said, "you already picked it up"

How could that happen? I hadn't been there.

When I checked my registration; I could see my name was there but they had my author name incorrect. No big deal since people always get it mixed up.

So I tried again, No; I registered under Sandra Webster and the confirmed that I registered and that I had already picked up all of the 'SWAG" earlier.

They wrote me out a badge because honestly, I think they thought I had been drinking a little to much.

I walked around for a bit and then saw my badge! On another person! OK, so we do writer mysteries and thrillers so it could be all in fun.

I walked up and said, "Oh, you are Sandra Webster too?" more as a joke and the response was, "YES"

TWO Sandra's are better than ONE!
Wait, what just happened! I wasn't ready! and I don't think she was ready for my response either.

How often do you find your Double! Well let me tell you this Sandra Webster is just as fun and sassy as I am!

We have become fast sisters and I can't wait to read her novels! Don't believe me, well we look just alike, don't we?