Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The struggle to get up in the morning and go to my 'day job' is so real every day.

After being at a book event the night before, the struggle gets harder and harder every day.

Why? Because all I want to do is be a full time writer. Last night, Aug. 25th, +B Swangin Webster , which is me,  along with +Dee Lawrence KR Raye and +Puja Guha was at the Barber Lounge for Men in Waldorf Maryland where we all discussed our writing lives, our writing process and also read from our novels.

Puja Guha was the 'guest' diva of the night and let me just say that this phenomenal woman fit right in as if she had been with us all season on our tour. She brought along her husband, who sat in the audience and smiled proudly while his wife discussed her novel and even read from it. Secretly I think he still thinks she may be a spy and he is trying to 'catch her in the act of spying' but the only thing he caught her doing was having a wonderfully great time with three other ladies who love talking about their novels.

Events like these is what makes me happy and why I came to the decision that Dec. 1, 2014 would be my last day at my 'day' job. I HAVE to be an author! If I don't, I think I would literally stop breathing.

The struggle for me is not what am I going to do, but WHEN am I going to be able to do it. My writing life is such that right now all I can think about is my next character, my next story line or my next conflict.

Yes, the struggle to get up in the morning is very real but the struggle NOT to write is much harder. Lucky for me, I won't have to make that choice much longer.

My first choice and my first love will be writing and going on tour with great authors!

See you on the book tour circuit!