Wednesday, October 13, 2021


The time where the leaves begin to change and the stores have started putting out the Christmas decorations.

For authors, new and old, it is the time to either, dust off their old novels and begin selling them again or publishing their first novel and getting it into the hands of readers.

Either way, it is an authors most busy time of the year.

We want to make sells for Christmas, just like Wal-Mart and Target. 

We don't have the million dollar budget that those stores have. Instead we have friends and readers to spread the word.

BUT how do we get to those people?

It's called networking.

Although 2020 put a lot of authors in a bind, it also made us sit down and write or come up with marketing plans for the time when outside was open again.

I decided that I will no longer wait for people to ask what I do. 

When I am introduced to someone, I immediately tell them I am an author. 

It leads to many more questions and just this summer, led to 6 book sales while I was camping.

Side note: I am the toast of the campground now because those that read the book just can't help seeking me out to ask more questions.

So if you are an author, be like Wal-Mart and Target; start your Christmas sales now. Start promoting a buy one get one sale. Promote your novels like that is your ONLY job!

After all, its the most wonderful time of the year, right?

Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Have you read my second novel, Let Me Just Say This, Again.

Well, if you have then you know that the main character, Matthew, smokes cigars.

Who knew that when I wrote that book almost 10 years ago; that I would actually be indulging in his favorite form of relaxation.

I see why he built the humidor in his home. I see why he chooses the longer gauge cigars and I see why Cheryl finds him so mesmerizing.

Oh, what's that? You haven't read my second novel. Well, click this link---> Buy The Book and see why I choose Matthew and why he smokes cigars.

There is something sext about a man smoking a cigar. Truth be told, there is something sexy and sophisticated about a woman smoking a cigar.

Now, don't get me wrong.

I never thought I would be that person but now I am that person.

I feel sexy smoking the cigars that I like.

It has been a long road finding the ones that I enjoy but I have found them and I have also been able to pull out some of those sexy stiletto heels that I love so much.

Granted, with the ankle injury, I can't walk in them all day but I can walk in them long enough to get into the cigar lounge and into the humidor to get my favorite cigars.

More on my favorite cigars at a later date.

What do you think about men or women smoking cigars?

Is it sexy or is it disgusting?

Let me know by commenting on my FB or Instagram pages.

@Bswanginwebster on Instagram or Facebook.

I look forward to seeing your feedback.