Monday, April 21, 2014


I have seen more and more publishing companies jump into the social media arena.

My publisher is no different. +Intrigue Camacho is now on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads and Google +

The social media magnet, whom we refer to as the Marketing Guru has signed them up and has them all over the place; well all over the internet.

I am sure the big publishers have an entire department that handles their social media presence.

What about the small guys? Who does their's?

Well I know for Intrigue Publishing, that job falls to one person and she does it very well. She has her phone all the time, she is tweeting, posting, updating and announcing things almost 24 hours a day. She does this all while doing her OWN social media.

I honestly don't think she sleeps enough but hey, she handles non sleep just as well as the rest of us who sleep at least 6-8 hours a night.

If you want to see what they are doing, have a look at what we do in the offices or see the latest events that me and the other authors of Intrigue will be participating in, check out the following links:

Intrigue on Twitter
Intrigue on Pinterest
Intrigue on Facebook
Intrigue Publishing Website
Intrigue on Instagram

Thursday, April 17, 2014


This week has been a very good week to be me!

I was interviewed by +Kaaren Allyn of Forward Motion cable TV show

Let me just tell you the fun I had doing this. It was an incredible experience. She is the coolest Jewish woman ever!

She and I traded stories about concerts that we love, rappers that we like, (She is a fan of The Game) just like me and we also talked about seeing Luther Vandross in concert at Constitution Hall. Like, who knew this woman was hanging out at the same places I hung out.
We then got down to the interview and it was like she invited me into her living room and we chatted like dear friends.

We talked about the Book Divas on Tour and we talked about publishing, writing and most importantly, shoes!

She is a shoe diva just like me. We took selfies and had a fantastic time just chatting. It didn't seem like cameras were rolling and that we were mic'd up. The conversation flowed and the experience is one I will not forget.

The show will air on MCM Access 19 on April 29th but here is a few photos for you to enjoy before the show.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Last night I attended a birthday celebration for a friend. She turned 45 and instead of having your typical birthday party, she threw an "Oscar-like" party.
Birthday girl, Kabrena with Me

There were balloons, the #Oscar2014 statue, #paparazzi and even a #RedCarpet. There were 'interviews' with the 'celebrities' and there was a dramatic entrance by the birthday girl herself.

When we all were seated we were entertained by dancers and had a 'not so live band' performance.

Then came the 'nominees' and the awards.

The categories were cleaver. Best Mother Award, Best Catering Award, Best Videographer, Best Photography, Best Community Service and Best Inspirational. There were other categories but after the first two hours they all seemed to run together.
Oscar for Best Author Mentor

Imagine my surprise when I see the category for Best Author Mentor and my picture appears. I was up against some tough competition and I won the award for Best Author Mentor! I was in shock and I didn't have a prepared speech. I did my best #Academy speech and they didn't have to cue the music because my speech was short and sweet.

Although there was a mix-up with the trophy and I needed to hand my back before receiving the right one after the ceremony.

This was a great night for me and I have displayed my #Oscar award proudly in my library. I can now say, I am an Oscar Award Winning Author.