Monday, October 22, 2012

What do you write in?

Rosemary, or Rosey to her closest friends, found me on LinkedIn when I sent an invitation to blog.
Today she tells us what she likes to wear when she is writing.When I blog I rest my feet in furry pink slippers on a built-in obsolescence model printer. Practically it is to save my knees and level my bottom. Metaphysically, what is it? Lowest upward – let us consider.
Obsolete printer? I have finished with cheapos bought from department stores. The days of pandering to the teaching profession with lush handouts produced spontaneously in the wee hours for belligerent students are gone. When the school door was firmly closed, I emptied the ink for a friend who shook over a forthcoming inspection then declared this object redundant. It stubbornly retained the label some months later when I repurchased ink for another purpose so now it is under my feet. Any future model will have to be laser, imperishable and funded. The old model signifies the fight for better facilities.
Pink fluffy slippers? These signify comfort, warmth and refusal to totally negate a young girl’s dream world with the harsh realities of advancing age. Slippers hug my feet with love, for my daughters supply them. They remind me to see a pretty image in the mirror even if I have to dim the light. They defy the cold and whisper to me of days in the Jamaican sun where feet never feel a chill. Slippers predict better days to come
Bottom always pressed into a hardwood chair, computer bound, several mornings a week? This signifies persistence. It is the only quality lauded by pundits as likely to succeed. Using this, I keep electronically communicable, approachable as an author, aspiring as a marketer and battling as a writer. My relief is a walking job for limited wages but my belief is in the profit that will one day flow from the balanced cheeks here firmly pressed.
Who ever said writing does not pay needed to add “yet”. We live in an age when centenarians are becoming average. In the old span of life we were ancient at seventy, now we are late middle-aged. Let us all build dreams for our extended phase.  With electronic literature, e-sales, pyramid promotions we must redress the march of time, the conformity to stereotype, the deterioration of the fiery spirit that fuelled us and find obsolescence to climb over, comfort to cling on to and visions to invest in. My seat at my computer does all these things. I’m sure yours is doing it for you too.
Thanks for sharing the positive promise of a writing life.

Thanks Rosey, I'm making myself her closest friend and for me; I like to wear...wait this isn't about me, is it?
What do you like to write in?
Let us know and while you are at it, why not stop by and check her out


  1. Oh the days of pink slippers. I used mine as Barbies car until they actually made the pink convertible. Hmm, and the printer of old. Makes me want to pull this huge HP printer from my shelve and shove it under my desk. After all it is the perfect height to keep my aligned while I type my latest novel.

  2. Rosey, we could write in the same room. I favor sweat pants and a tee shirt for comfort, and a firm, straight-back chair to show my persistence.But that's the only real trick, isn't it? Butt-in-the-chair and hands-on-the-keyboard makes a manuscript!

  3. Absolutely! Think I just hit the right button for comments. Godd to get to know you vibrant people. I drink oceans of coffee. Preferably Organo Gold. Shucks, I've run out of stock even though I'm a stockist. Seriously, though, the blogs have commanded major time this week. How does one establish the balance? Butts are better balanced than books !

  4. Couldn't agree more. Oceans of tea and coffee cannot float me over the marketing of book one into the final chapters of book two and marketing seems to demand all kinds of zig-zagging along the way. But they tell me only persistence counts.