Monday, July 16, 2012

Today, Yani from The Yellow Clutch Society will be interviewed. I am so glad that you granted this interview.

 When did you become concerned with your wife’s fascinations with the Yellow Clutch Society?
I noticed the change the minute she tried to gain entrance. She was hanging out, spending money on more and more expensive things because she wanted to impress these women. We began arguing like cats and dogs and thing just weren’t right in our home anymore.

You seem in tune with your wife so how did you know she was in danger?
I just felt it in my bones that my wife was in danger when that woman tried to stop my wife from breathing. I inherited a certain type of clairvoyance from my grandmother.

What was your reaction or gut feeling to Mrs. Isadore?
At first, her nasty spirit jumped on me. Her eyes were jet black and so cold that I had to make sure she never came back on my property.

In the house of rituals, did you know that things would happen like that?
Hell no! Even though that’s my boy, when you play with fire, you end up getting burned.

Do you think your wife has learned her lesson about trying to join different societies?
I sure hope so, but what I want her to learn is to keep her head out of the clouds so that she can see people for who they really are, more clearly.

Thank you Yani for sitting down and talking to me for BSW blog today, it has been very enlightening. If you want to learn more, than you definitely need to pick up your copy of The Yellow Clutch Society today.

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  1. Interesting interview! The Yellow Clutch Society sounds like a bad group of people. But that's what makes a good story.