Monday, November 5, 2012

Boot season is here!

I am so giddy; I can barely sit here to type this. I have found a new shoe/clothing store. I haven’t bought any clothes out of there but I have found the best shoes.
It a place called Citi Trends in Maryland. When I tell you that I have found heaven on earth, I’m not lying.
I walked in there a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with a purse and wouldn’t you know, they had grey boots to match. I mean c’mon, really? How could I pass that up? So I bought the one pair of boots and they are the cutest things EVER! But then I saw these! Of course I had to have the brown bootie boots with the buckle; I mean, really? And yes, I HAD to have the bracelet and earrings! #dontjudgeme
Then I had a few extra minutes about a week ago and walked in there and found a black pair of thigh high boots. Oh my gosh! I had to have them because what woman doesn’t need a black pair of 5 ½ inch thigh high boots. Then I saw these brown studded low boots and I had to have those too. I mean, I already had some thigh high brown boots but didn’t have any low boots to wear with my pants. Besides, I didn’t have a 5 inch pair.  Wait…wait…what… is…this… Gasp! I…
OK, I fainted from sensory overload and when I came to; these purple studded boots were in my closet. I don’t know how that happened. I wasn’t going to buy any more boots. I was on my way to the register and then all of a sudden, these purple boots attacked me!
Yeah, that’s it. The attack of the purple studded boots! Call News Channel 4 and get Jim Vance over here. No, wait. I need Pat Collins from WJLA 7 news…yeah, somebody needs to document this. Those purple boots attacked me!
That’s the story, I’m sticking to and you can’t make me change it!
So, in two weeks, I bought four pairs of boots and two purses, oh and a grey coat. Yes, a coat because I need something to wear with my new gray boots and my new gray purse. But you know…now that I have brown boots, I think I need a brown purse and I can’t have a brown purse without having a brown coat. I mean can you imagine the horrors of trying to force a black coat on me when clearly the black coat goes with the black boots and black purse.
Oh no; I feel another trip to Citi Trends coming on. Stay tuned for more…


  1. Dem boots is da bomb!! But do they make you a better writer? Yeah, they prolly do cuz you are energized & inspired!

  2. GREAT lookin' boots! No wonder you couldn't resist them.