Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The simple things in life....

Are Free?
Yes they are!
I have gotten so much pleasure out of the simple things. Sure it is nice to have things. Like those new shoes or that new book or that new writing pen that makes your words flow like the river.

However, those things have to be replaced when they run out of ink, go out of style or the pages get worn (or in the case of the KINDLE; the battery dies)

Simple things cost us nothing. Like a smile, or a walk in the park or just around your neighborhood.

How many of us take a walk in our neighborhood just to see things that we pass every day on our way into our own small universe called, "home".

Since the weather has been nice, I have taken a walk in my neighborhood for the past three nights and have enjoyed it very much. The first night I listened to my Ipod but the second and third night I decided to listen to nature and really see the things that I was encountering on my walks.

I heard the birds and a woodpecker, well at least I think it was and I enjoyed my walk much more. Sure music was great but having the ear buds in didn't allow me to hear my surroundings.

Yes, believe the hype. The best things in life ARE FREE.


  1. Great post 0 I love the sound of a happy author. And it enriches the writer to drink in the world with all of his or her senses.

  2. Nice post. What a great way to recharge the batteries!

  3. Well said. You've inspired me and my family to go walk now.

  4. Wow this is a great post I love it. How many of us do this?

  5. Wow I love this post so many times we forget things that are free.