Monday, April 8, 2013

Fun times were had by all

In the past two weeks I have had the pleasure of visiting two book clubs in my area.

On March 30th, I visited the +Essence Book Club and we met at +Georgia Browns Restaraunt in DC. These wonderfully, lively group of women provided with me laughs, insight and just plain fun as we discussed my novel.

Then on April 6, I visited The Literary Cafe with the  Delta Book Club, hosted by Cynthia Brown in Dumfries, Virginia.

You may wonder why I am telling you this.

I never thought that going to book clubs could be so much fun and entertaining.
When a book club is done the right way, you gain so much more than just having great food and great conversation. You gain more insight of your characters because the people that didn't write them will see things in them that you don't see. Imagine how I felt when they totally understand the best friend in my novel but questioned why she didn't do more to help my main character.

I had forgotten about the reaction of the father while my main character was in the hosptial but the women of Delta; knew and challenged me to explain his reaction.

Yes, book clubs and other small gathers are a great place to get your book seen, read and discussed. What other places can you think of that you can sell about 25 copies of your book, have great food and have a great discussion.

If you haven't been to a book club, you are missing out on a great time!

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  1. You are rockin' and rollin' lady. Keep it up. I wish I could have been surrounded by such gorgeous women at that brunch!

    I will see you when I get to DC!