Monday, April 1, 2013

Ni'cola Mitchell...a hard working woman

Describing herself as "eclectic, worldly, obsessed, emotional, and inquisitive, I was able to sit down with this very busy woman for a few minutes.
BSW~ What year did you decide that you wanted to be published and why?

N.M~ My story is different than most because my dreams were different from most who knew that they wanted to be an author. I wanted to be the CEO of a hospital, not a publishing company. My career as an author, started as a dare by my friends and family in 2008. That's when I wrote, Over and Over Again, and then The Appetizer, When You're Not His Main Course. I lost my sister two months after my second novel and went through a deep depression and that is when I wrote, Twisted. Since then, I have released 2 more novels and this April, I'll release; Love Don't Walk Away, People Do.

BSW~ How do you balance running a publishing company and being an author?
N.M~ The biggest challenge is staying innovative. ensuring that our covers don't look like anyone else's and staying ahead of the game in marketing and promoting. I had to learn how to set a work schedule to be able to write and to give each project the same amount of attention.

BSW~ Tell us some authors that you like to read, when you are not writing.
N.M~ I'm very eclectic and such an avid reader. I like +Omar Tyree, +Kimberla Lawson Roby, +Mary B. Morrison, +Anna J, +Carl Weber, +V.C. Andrews, +Francis Ray and +Jackie Collins.

BSW~ This blog is all about shoes, books, and writing. Tell me your favorite shoe designer, book and where you do your best writing.
NM~ My favorite shoe designer is Manolo-Blahnik. My favorite book is My Woman His Wife and I do my best writing on the beach.

BSW~ In a Cold Piece, who would play Lisa Oliver?
N.M~ Hmmm, I think I would love to have Amanda Seyfried play Lisa.

BSW~ Tell my followers what is coming up for you in 2013.
N.M~ Well, I have four books coming out this year and I have several speaking engagements nationwide. I will also be on a book tour so my schedule is jam packed.

BSW~ Here are a few links where you can find the hardest working woman
@msnicola on Twitter and her email address can be found here, Ms Ni'Cola Mitchell

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