Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Priceless Moments

Sonny 85, Ginny 70
Harold, 72, Flora 85

For the past month I have had the pleasure of getting to know the parent's of +Austin Camacho.

Mr. Sonny and Mrs. Ginny are two of the funniest people, well besides my parents; that I know.

They welcomed me into their family with open arms but also with open hearts.

I learned so much from them but the main thing I learned was that life is to precious to 'rush around' doing things.

Mr. Sonny said, "if life was meant to be rushed, we would all be dead."

Truer words were never spoken. Mr. Sonny is 85 years young and his son just turned 60. Austin is the spitting image of his father and they have an unspoken love for one another that does not need words. It is in the laugh or the joke that they share.

Outward appearances don't matter, what matters is what is inside of a person's heart.

Mrs. Ginny is a funny, energetic woman who loves every creature. Her little dog Cuddles, is a little ball of fur with just enough teeth to eat but loves to go 'for a walk'. Mrs. Ginny fashioned a bird feeder from Cuddle's empty dog food containers and now we have "Red" and her companion coming to our backyard every day looking for seeds.

The deer also made fast friends with Mrs. Ginny because she bought them carrots. Image that! They came looking for grass or whatever they eat and hit the jackpot!

They (Mr. Sonny and Mrs. Ginny) drove here from Florida and arrived on March 28th and sadly they left on Monday after being here for a month. My heart was heavy but I was also happy to have gotten to know two more beautiful people.

My parents and Mr and Mrs Ginny are around the same age and I treasure the older generation.

I just hope that one day the younger generation realizes what they have if they still have their grandparents around; #priceless moments.

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  1. thank you for this wonderful tribute to my folks and yours. We must never overlook the value of the wisdom they have earned through a lifetime of experiences. We should all aspire to greet our golden years with the wit and charm these 4 wonderful people possess.