Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dressing to the 9's or not so much

I had this discussion with a co-worker today.

When a woman is trying to be cute and sexy; when she crosses the line in to tramp'ville; does she know it?

My opinion is yes. How could she not.

Let's look at the look of the 60's. Shiny white go-go boots and micro minis were the rage and then came the 70's and bell bottoms ruled but the mini skirt still dominated. Then the 80's happened and everyone wanted to be in Gloria's jean or wanted to wear the horse on their...well rear. Then the 90's happened and what happened to fashion was a disgrace. Everything was too big, too low or too gawdy. Now we are in a new era. Tailored and skinny is the look.

A woman could get confused. I think through the years you have to wear 'age appropriate' clothing. Yes, the 60's saw the micro mini w/white go-go boots but you also didn't see a 60 year old woman trying to compete with the 20 or 30 year old. She might have worn that look but it was something in the way that she 'wore' that look.

Today's woman feels that she has to compete with those young women but ladies you don't have to. Be secure in knowing that men love a sexy, confident woman. Know that men want a woman that can give off confidence and sexiness without showing everything to everyone at anytime. So whether you have on skinny jeans or fitted jeans (yes there is a difference), know that you can be confident in knowing that a man will take notice.

Either you will dress sexy or dress trampy. Trust me there is a time for that...(i.e. bedroom or costume party) but

you have to pick one. Are you dressing sexy? Are you dressing trampy? Because you can't dress like both.


  1. What about the men? Dress like a gentleman or dress like a thug? Cuz, the kind of man that woman attacts will depend on which mode of dress she chooses.

  2. but some don't seem to know the difference. At all. Or they don't know what a mirror is.... GirlZombieAuthors