Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Can I tell you just how much fun I had at ThrillerFest...oh my gosh!

I have always had a great time there and this year was no different. Of course for me, it is always all about the shoes...and let me just tell you...I have to always be on point with my shoes...they are my way of branding myself.

First let's talk about the shoes...oh my...my shoes were a hit...and of course I knew they would be. I should be tooting my own horn, shouldn't I....give me a minute


Now back to the business at hand.

I searched high and low for shoes that would make me the stand out in the crowd and you know, I found them. Imagine my surprise as I was standing in line to get one of the FREE...yes that's right FREE books that they were giving away and a woman walked up to me and said..."you are her...you're the woman on twitter with the shoes" I politely said "yes I am'' and she proceeded to say..."ok, let me see" a little dumbfounded I lifted my pant leg and she squealed...yes, she actually squealed. I am not kidding!

She then said, "I will be right back" and she did, she came right back with four other people who had "to see my shoes"

See this is one thing that I do well...shoes are my life! I know them like...well like the bottoms of my feet.

From the moment ThrillerFest started, everyone who saw me, didn't say hello; they said, "Ok, let me see them"...now if I a comedian, I could make that mean so many different things but I knew they were talking about my shoes...oh and trust me...when you see them...you will be envious ...yes, very envious!

Later this week, I will be talking about some rabbits with a 'bite'...and the woman that tries to tame them...


  1. Killer but way too high for me to walk in... But I love my platforms and wedges!

  2. Cute shoes. I couldn't wear them. Hmm, I'll have to come up with something for C3.

  3. Loved your post. Your personality reasonates loudly...It's so awesome when peope that we've only met via social media come and say hello...

    Congrats...You've created a unique brand: your love for shoes...You go girl!!!