Friday, July 26, 2013


Today is July 25, 2013 and I have a brace on my left arm. You will see why that date is so important. Well, technically it is on my wrist.

You may be thinking...oh she must have carpal tunnel or maybe tendonitis, right? Wrong!

On Monday, July 20 I closed my door of my car and noticed a sharp pain in my wrist but didn't want to stop what I was doing long enough because in the words of Sugar Brown, "aint nobody got time for that". So I bared the pain and kept it moving.

That was until July 23, when I was headed to dance class. Yes, I am dancing like a fool every Tuesday night and having a blast. That's a different blog. Back to the story. So on Tuesday, I got out of the car and put my hand down on the seat as I got out and let me just tell ya; the pain that shot through my arm all but sent me sprawling onto the pavement. I wanted to cry like a 6 week old baby wanting her bottle but I tried to pull myself together. It didn't work. The pain got worse and worse; kinda like a contraction when you go into labor and just like a contraction, it went away.

Now on July 24th, I was sitting in my sitting room doing a little writing and sat my laptop down beside me and went to get up. Placed my hand down, to help myself up and when I opened my eyes; I was looking at the ceiling! What! What! Goodness I passed out from the pain and that is when I decided that maybe, just maybe, I needed to see a doctor.

So at noon on July 24th I went to the doctors and at 4pm I walked out with this on my arm. Courtesy of two cracks in the bone in my wrist. 

So for four days, I walked around with a fractured wrist; thinking that the pain would go away if I didn't touch anything!

Moral of this story: If you hear a crack, or pull something or are in pain. Go to the doctors.

Because I didn't make time, I have to wear this thing for at least two weeks; making my life much harder. (note: I probably would have still had to wear it but the pain was something that could have been handled with the right pain meds)


  1. Feel beeter soon!!! I understand completely! Fractured my wrist last year while rollerblading. You're lucky you only have to wear for 2 wks!

  2. Feel better, my friend. Glad it's only for two weeks. Hang in there.