Thursday, December 15, 2011

Competition is fierce!

Last week I spoke about the 'unspoken' rule of issuing a challenge.

This week I can cheerfully inform you that the challenge was taken and MET by all of my neighbors.

As you recall it started with the neighbor, two doors down, putting out a red bow. This was a neighborhood that only had; at best; one or two houses decorating for Christmas. So I took the challenge and put up lights and bows and then once turned on; issued the "unspoken" challenge to the other neighbors and they have not disappointed.

The neighbor across the street put up garland and wreaths in every window and then the neighbor down the street put up candles in each window and then his neighbor put up bows and a door wreath.

Soon the whole neighborhood was in on the act and the final house; I call it the hold out house, put up their decorations in the past couple of days. I think she waited to see what everyone was doing and THEN decided on her decor. She has a hanging Santa in the tree and then snowflakes outside her front door and then, she has decorated her fence leading to the backyard with lights and I think I can even see a peeking of lights IN the backyard.

So, let's just say that the unspoken challenge has been met...but you never know what will happen next because Christmas is still 11 days away and I could just very well need to do a little more decorating.

Happy Holidays
B. Swangin Webster

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