Monday, June 2, 2014


A few months ago I wrote about cheating.
I was caught cheating and although I wasn’t proud of it, I admitted it and promised not to do it again.
Well, I am here again, admitting to cheating

Now stop giving me those looks, I’m not cheating on my significant other but with someone just as important to me.

I have been cheating on my KINDLE, again. 
Gasp! Clutch your pearls (if you are wearing any) and hold onto your hat!

My KINDLE has been replaced with…(ok, I’m taking a deep breath) Wait! Don’t rush me! I am cheating on my KINDLE with…with…an…I Pad!

There I said it! Are you happy now? The dirty little secret is out. I never wanted to be one of Those people but I find myself grabbing for Ivy the I Pad all the time. She is there in the middle of the night, beeping, chirping and glowing whenever someone posts to my Facebook or Twitter pages. 

Her rotating screen keeps me mesmerized and sometimes has me confused as I hold her upside down trying to figure out where that darn home button is! However most of the time Ivy the I Pad is entertaining me. Sure I don't know where everything is nor do I have any idea what the hell AirDrop is but I am learning. I have even learned how to do Face Time. Man that has been the best thing ever! I don't have to log into my computer all I have to do is remember the phone number or push the contacts button. Yes, Ivy has taken the place of the KINDLE but only for those things.

Kay the Kindle still reads to me every day; although not as much. I will always keep Kay the Kindle around because she holds my true love. Books (ok, I didn't say that out loud) 

Don't give me that look Mister! Buster the Book is still a little salty but I bought him some new friends to entertain him but for now, back to Ivy the I Pad

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