Monday, December 19, 2022


With the sudden death of Stephen Twitch Boss, people are searching for answers. 

Some are posting about what depression looks like. Some are posting that they are always there and if you need an ear; they are there.

Well, depression looks like you. It looks like me and it looks like your son, your daughters, your grandchildren and your co-workers.

When you ''sense'' that something is off with them, it is. 

When you ask them, are they ok and they say, "yeah, I'm just in a mood". that's depression. 

When you husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend asks you why you "look like that" , that's depression.

We cry when things seem to be going great. We cry when things are overwhelming us. We cry when we have no reason to cry. 

Depression hits at times that no one expects it. It happens at parties, at work, at birthday parties and when we are alone. It happens when we paste that smile on our face and "keep it moving" because there are lots to do and not enough time to do it in.

Depression doesn't have a face or a time to appear. It appears when we don't want it to.

Depression is something that can't be helped or gotten over. It is a chemical reaction in our brains that we fight with every day. 

Depression hurts our plans of going out. It makes us stay in the house, even when we want to go outside. It makes us sad even though we 'feel' happy. 

Depression is not something we can prevent but it is something you can help us with.

When we are quiet and say, "oh, I just need a minute" Sometimes that means, we just need a hug. Physical touch helps us when we are depressed. Stop giving us space, space is our enemy. 

Stop saying, "call me anytime" because when depression hits; we WILL NOT pick up the phone. Instead, CALL US .

Depression can't be cured but it can be managed. Medication helps our moods but sometimes we don't know that we need medication. If your doctor isn't listening to you, CHANGE doctors. You need someone that listens, not just writes (a Rx) . 

Depression is all around us, Depression looks like this:

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