Thursday, October 17, 2019


I have been MIA since May. My goodness where did the time go.

It's already the middle of October and I am not anywhere close to my goal of blogging every single month.

Well, life keeps interrupting me.

Social engagements, sickness and writing has pulled me away. I guess that is a good thing; especially the writing part.

That's not an excuse; its just my reality.

Well at least I haven't been daydreaming or binge watching my favorite "Chicago" themed shows.

So, my novel is finished. It is with the editor.

My business is going very well.

My tiny house is moving forward, at a snails pace, but still moving forward.

What has been happening in your world? 

Please keep up with me on my social media pages and if you don't see a blog from me next week; leave me a message on my FB author page.

Sometimes I just need a little nudge. 

Who am I kidding? 

I need a push and a shove!

Keeping reading and I'll keep on writing. 

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