Friday, May 10, 2019


Yesterday I was at a marketing event and as usual there was a business card exchange.

You exchange cards and hope to make connections with the people there and hope that they reach out to you.

We were told, in one session to get up and give a 30 second 'pitch' and I nailed it.

Being an author has helped me tremendously with being prepared. 

The speaker commended me for three things.

1. I had on a shirt with my name and company on it
2. I had business cards available
3. I knew how to give all of the right information

He called others up to do the same thing and I noticed a few things about them. They didn't have an elevator pitch, they didn't have business cards and they didn't have anything that said who they were or even their business name on it.

Now this goes for everyone. Please pay attention.

Don't ever, ever, ever buy those cutesy, odd shaped business cards. Why?

Well I received two of them and they didn't fit inside of my business card holder that I keep for such events.

I had to toss them into my purse; and if a lot of you saw the inside of a purse; you would understand.

Not only were they not the standard size, they were also very odd shaped. One was a perfect 2x2 square and the other was a 3.5 x 2.5 rectangle. 

While they did look nice; I lost interest immediately. Sorry but it's just me. 

If I have to find a spot to put your business card; chances are I am not going to ever remember where I put it or if I will ever find it in my purse.

Also, please make sure that the information you put on your business card is accurate. The perfect square business card will be trashed. Here's why. The company website; when typed in, doesn't work. The email bounces back and the FB and Instagram pages that are listed has only 3 photos of random people and no title or information about the person or company on it.

Not a good way to do business wouldn't you say. 

So when going to an event; please make sure to have a REGULAR sized business card and also order business cards in small batches. That way all information will always be up to date and you don't have to worry about being tossed in the bottom of someone's purse or worse, being thrown away because nothing on the card works.

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