Monday, February 12, 2018


I know that you have been thinking...whatever happened with the tiny house?
Tiny House Builder and us
My tiny house builder

Well, nothing.

Plain and simple.

I am still raising money for it and my hope is that by the end of this year I will have the TINY HOUSE of my dreams!

sample lay out
I started a GoFund me page Tiny Bowman House and people are contributing. I thank all of you that have done so and I hope that more of you will help me realize my dream of owning my tiny house.

See the thing is; banks don't finance tiny homes. They say there "is no collateral" that you can offer for us to finance it.

Well, excuse me. The tiny house is on WHEELS, so if I don't pay, you can simple, hire a towing company and come and take the house. You know, like banks do when you miss a car payment.

So, why is it that banks won't offer this kind of loan?

If they want people to own their own homes; why not let the people choose the type of home they want to own.
My actual tiny house plans

My tiny house is my dream house! Plain and simple.

I used to want a 3,500 sq foot house. I wanted a basement, a pool and at least 5 bedrooms. Now; my needs have changed. I no longer need something so large that it would take me a day to clean. I want something that fits me.

Just Me!

So my tiny house would be the perfect fit...for me.

So, my tiny house update is:
My living room/kitchen
I haven't given up on owning my tiny dream house. It's just taking a little longer to actually get the money to do it.

So, instead of asking for house warming gifts; I'm asking for house donating gifts.

Remember, when I get my tiny house; all of you will get a chance to name it. In case you want a jump on naming it. Here are a few pictures; that can give you a sense of what it will look like.

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