Monday, February 5, 2018


Say what you want, but my new best friends are exactly how I want them. 
They do not talk, complain, want anything from me and just are here to take care of me and to help me feel better. They are here when I need them the most and although I just met one of them, this week, they have been my everything for the past five days.

I want you to meet my new besties.

Tamiful was introduced to me on Wednesday night; although we didn't officially meet until Thursday morning. You see, I woke up at 2 am early Thursday morning thinking I had been involved in a car accident. My body hurt, I had a massive headache and let's just say that my throat felt like HELL was inside of it. I should have known the warning signs on Wednesday night. I had chills; but that is nothing new to me because I am always cold. But then I broke out in a sweat like I had just run a marathon in 100 degree weather. No matter, one of my partners was celebrating his birthday, so I couldn't ruin his night, right? Fast forward to 2 am. 
Waking up feeling like I had been hit by two trucks, then backed over by a bus and then thrown down a flight of stairs is putting it mildly. My body hurt so bad that even my eyelashes felt like they were revolting against me and trying to go back into my skin. Not a really good feeling. 
Press on I told myself. So I lay there; in agony and decided; well it's almost time to get up for work; I'll go take a nice long hot shower and be good as new.

Yeah, well that plan didn't go as planned. 
After the shower, I barely made it back to the bed. I lay on my back, still wet from the shower (no, I didn't have the energy to even dry myself off, so me and my wet body lay on my sheets; soaking them through and then feeling as if I was lying in molten lava. Yep; you guessed it I was sweating again but this time I knew. Something in my head said; you may have the flu. No No No and Hell NO! I have heard about it and I was NOT about to get it.
Yeah, OK.

By 6 am, I knew. I had the flu. I didn't need a doctor to tell me that. I just knew it. My head was pounding. My body felt like I was now going 12 rounds with a UFC champion and my throat...well that was as hot as Nevada in July. drinking water was the only way to help my mouth stay wet. Did I mention the dry mouth that I experienced was like I had sucked on a cactus for weeks. Bottle after bottle, I poured down my throat. I can't say that I swallowed it. That hurt to much, so I just let is slide down my throat. Once I learned not to put to much in my worked out like a charm. Oh and then it happened. I needed to go to Patient First. Not a bad experience, if I must say so myself. They knew IMMEDIATELY it was the flu. The headache was the first sign. Who knew? Well within an hour, I had my diagnosis and I was on my way to CVS for another one of my new best friends. TAMIFLU

We got to know each other very well and let me tell you. Although it does NOT cure the flu; it makes the symptoms so much more tolerable. No; it didn't alleviate them but it made them become less hostile and more like a distant cousin. You know the one. You enjoy them a little but glad when they are gone. Not that I enjoyed them, but I appreciated them a little more. 

You see, had I not woken up feeling like I had been in an accident. And actually asking the question; "where we involved in an accident last night" I would have just thought I partied a little to hard in the last week and would have went to work, spread my germs and been even more miserable.

Now, I am not fully recovered, five days later. But I am on the road there now. I have taken to my new best friend, Ginger....ale and she and I are handling my stomach just fine right now. 

My energy level is not there yet. It has taken me two hours to write this blog. Why? Because I can't sit up long enough to finish it in one sitting. 

Take heed all of you people going to work with the sniffle, cough or just a little cold. It makes some of us more likely to get the flue. Yes, two people at my place of employment had the flu; came to work and I'm not saying I got it from them, I'm just saying. People, you have PTO or sick leave...use it! 

So, tomorrow, if I am feeling like I can make it to work, I'll be there. But be warned. I am carrying my new boyfriend with me. 

Lysol Wipes and Spray, you have been warned.

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