Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh No! I'm one of THOSE People

Do you see this? Huh? I mean....I actually have workout shoes that are flat to the floor. Gasp! What is happening to me? I can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that I have tennis shoes. 

As you can see, my 'heels' are trying to intimidate the cute little purple/grey shoes but they are standing their ground! The tennis shoes have taken up residence in my work bag. Correction, my work bag; which used to only hold my laptop, various pens and pencils, a notebook and the occasional bottle of juice or my coffee mug has now become...

A WORKOUT BAG!  I think I feel faint! *fans self in an attempt to not faint*

You see, I went to the gym to help a friend who is on the journey of a life-time. She has lost over 80 pounds by walking and needed a little motivation and she asked me to go. I went and then I asked her to do the circuit training with me. After walking 4 miles in a little under 35 minutes; I was pumped. I was barely sweating so I figured I needed to do something else to get the old sweat glands to work. Like who does that? Well, I do because with me it is all about the competition. I couldn't have THOSE people in the gym looking at me like I was a slacker. I could imagine what that group of women thought when they walked in, "look at her...taking up that machine walking and she aint even sweating''. I can't help it that I don't sweat much! Get off my back! 

Wait, they didn't actually say that but I felt like I wanted to have an attitude with them so off to circuit training I went and for the next 30 minutes I sweated like I was in the park playing frisbee with my dog Mocha. Except he wouldn't catcha frisbee and I wouldn't have him in the park with all of those fleas and ticks. But I digress.

So afterwards, while cooling down and chatting with my friend, I felt alive, I felt new, I felt like; one of THOSE people. I immediately needed new clothes, new shoes, a new workout bag and most of all, one of those emblems for the car! 

I felt like I belonged in the gym, like I wanted to be there all the time, like I wanted to become a workout enthusiast. So I did what I figured most people would do. I joined +Planet Fitness and became a Black Card member that allows me to use the gym whenever I want to and to take advantage of the hydro-therapy massage tables or the massage chairs. The plus side, it only costs me $20 a month because I'm cheap and would never pay anything more than that...so yes, I am officially one of THOSE people. 

You know, the ones with the gym bags, cute little shoes, the weights, water bottles and the emblem on their car (except I'm not putting it on my car; instead its on my workout bag)

So, if you live in Waldorf and are ever at the gym, look for me and my cute little purple and grey tennis shoes; I'll try and leave the +Stilettos at home or at the very least in the locker. 

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