Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let the fun times begin

Summer vacation....

That can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.

For me, it means, more writing and this year I am looking forward to it much more than usual.

I have been on hiatus lately. I've been doing so many things, for so many people; that I have forgotten to do the one thing that I loved.

Enter..."Shawny". She is the Stiletto Stalker and she tapped me on the shoulder. Well, not really, she kind of kicked me in the head on night and jolted me from my sleep and told me, "you better start writing my story or you will be sorry".

At first I blinked hard and then said, "really because you aren't real and you can't do anything to me." Her response...."watch me"

I tried to go back to sleep and for some reason, I couldn't. I was restless with all of the scenarios playing out in my head and before I knew it, I was up with a notebook in my hand re-writing the first scene of The Stiletto Stalker. I guess she told me, huh?

After a day of writing her, she came back and said..."let the fun times let's see if you can figure out how I killed him." killed a man? Was my response and she walked off in her stylish shoes and turned to me with a wicked grin and said..."hey, it wouldn't be a murder mystery without a crime, now would it?"

I was shocked, dismayed and confused. I have never written a murder mystery and need a little help. So I guess I need to call up my good friends +Lauren Carr or +Austin Camacho and his problem solver, Hannibal Jones because this looks like it might be a problem only the three of them can help me with.

Let the fun begin....I think.


  1. Oh, yeah! This is the fun part. My favorite part of mystery writing is figuring out the details of the murder. Chase that bad girl in the high heels. Let the good times roll!

  2. Wow...Just the short paragraph above leaves me wondering what will happen next. While I would not want to run into The Stiletto Stalker, I am curious as to what her motive might be. It will be an interesting read:)