Monday, June 10, 2013

Hash Tag Thriller13

For the past month I have been tweeting about +Thrillerfest and I have been having a blast.

Well, it all started with the announcement that there would be a let me stop there because all I read was 'contest'. I have no idea if there is a prize, or recognition of some kind..all I know is that there is a CONTEST and I have to win it...if I don't I will be disappointed.

See for me, its all about the competition and now that the contest has started, I am obsessed with tweeting. I tweet at least 20-25 times a day, and not just about Thrillerfest. I tweet about my blog, I tweet about my job (the other one that requires I spend 8 hours of my day with middle school kids) and I tweet about upcoming events, like Thrillerfest.

Ok, well it seems I tweet about them a lot, but they are planning such great things like panel discussions on "violence in books, when is it to much" or "why did they kill of my favorite character" or "being ready for combat". See I can't listen to people talk about those things unless I go to Thrillerfest and unless I tweet about them, they (the powers that be that are planning Thrillerfest) wouldn't know how excited I am about it.

So, tweeting about Thrillerfest is such a great thing and going to Thrillerfest is right up there with buying a new pair of stilettos, that I have to do it. (side note: Yes, I have stilettos shoes packed and ready to go and I know I will be buying more before July 10th when I head to NYC.

So #Thriller13 and find me on Twitter. I'll be the one with a 'comment' every 30 minutes or so.

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  1. I can't wait to speak on my panel at Thrillerfest this year - It's always a great time and I love being surrounded by other writers!