Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring is here...are you ready?

Ok, well it’s almost here and I am getting ready. I’m so excited that I can hardly sit still.

I went and got a pedicure and even splurged and got a design on them and you want to know why.

Because now is the time to get your feet ready for those cute sandals that we are buying now.

You can’t expect that your feet are healthy after having been jammed into boots and closed toe shoes all winter, now do you.  You need to take this season to start getting those feet beautiful.

Start by going to the nail shop and getting their deluxe pedicure. Let them scrub your feet and massage your toes and then let them give you a paraffin wax treatment. Trust me, you will enjoy it and then get them painted. Start by trying out those cool colors now…it will give you a visual as to what your feet will look like in the summer. Now ladies, don’t go with the bubble gum pink in the summer if it doesn’t look good now. Trust me, I know.

Now after your initial pedicure make sure you go back every couple of weeks. Trust me again, your feet will be summer ready by the time summer actually gets here.

Why am I telling you this now…because every year I see women who just slide their feet into those  cute sandals and did nothing to prepare their feet to be shown to the rest of us and yes, I’m very offended. I’m offended when I see the calluses on the back of your heels. I’m offended when I see your toenails not trimmed. I’m offended when I see what appear to be bunions and corns on the sides of your toes. Yes, I’m offended and so are a lot of people.

Now, men, you are not excluded. Get your toes done!
If you don’t want to go into a woman’s salon, go with your mate/girlfriend/wife. Trust me, that is the most sexiest thing you could do with her. Trust me, it's sexy! I have sat in the chair while the woman is working on my feet and a guy has come in, alone and I; he is taking care of his feet. I'd want his feet rubbing against me at night.
Women, when you get your toes done..starting might pay off later with a new pair of sexy sandals that he wants to see those beautiful feet in.

So what are you waiting for? I’ve already started, how about you.

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