Monday, March 18, 2013

Interviews anyone?

I routinely open up my blog to guest blogger and to other that would like to talk about what how they write, the books they read or the shoes they like, buy or just want.

I have started doing interviews on blog talk radio shows. They are radio shows via the Internet and someone actually said to me, "that's a waste of time; no one actually listens to those". Really?

So I decided to do a little research. +Cyrus Webb does a blog show, and tonight I will be on it. He has over 100K listeners. He does interviews with Jackie Collins as well as...well me. I say this because his show probably didn't start out with thousands of listeners but he now has overseas listeners, military listeners and he has a magazine and offers commercials for his shows.

So tell me again why you don't do blog talk radio shows?

Yeah; I thought so. If you haven't heard of Cyrus, you need to look him up. He is a man on the move and a man with a purpose. I can't wait for my interview tonight. Here is the link so you can listen in.

And if case you were wondering, yep; I'm going to blog about it afterwards. Hell, I might even blog while I am talking to him.

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