Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspirational and Funny

Sometimes when I surf around Facebook, I find things that are inspirational and funny.
The things that are inspirational always prompt me to smile and to put a fire in my soul.

The things that are funny, well they stick a little longer.

One such thing is the small 'postcard' funnies that my son or some other person will send me. My funniest one to date was, "Oh look, its F*** this o'clock again". I still find that funny as ever. Now, either I'm getting old or just slow but it took me about ten minutes to get what it was actually saying and haven't we all said that at some point in our lives.

I know I have. One days where I can't take one more thing or do one more page of edits or send one more promotional email. I look at the clock and say, "F...this! I'm done for the day" and it was so funny that my son sent this to me because in his words, "mom, you look like you had this kind of day".

Wow. When your child thinks you need a laugh than you really have taken things much to seriously.

So, although I enjoy the inspirational moments found online, I find that the funny moments mean a lot more because they truly do, lift my spirit and will you look at the time....

Until next time America...(hey; isn't that a line from a television show)

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