Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trouble In Paradise Interview

I was given the plesure of sitting in on an interview with Stephanie Norris and one of her characters, please pull up a chair and let's see what he had to say.

So Joshua it’s nice to speak to you again how are things going with you nowadays?

Things are not as great as they could be but we’ve been through a storm before so I’m sure we can get past it.

A Storm? Is it your ex-girlfriend, umm Danielle right? What is the story with her?

I don’t think she really knows how to be without me.

Wow, that’s a pretty strong statement.  She sounds a little crazy if you don’t mind me saying.

I don’t mind.

Great! Well Joshua I had a chance to speak with Danielle earlier today so I took the opportunity to ask her a couple of questions, do you mind if I read them to you? (He shifts in his seat).

I asked her why she was attacking you and your soon to be fiancĂ© and she said, why should they have happiness when they’ve ruined mine?
So how have you ruined her happiness?

She has it in her mind that I lead her on.

And you don’t think so?

(He pauses) I may not have been as straight forward as I could’ve been but I didn’t think that would turn her into a mental patient.

It doesn’t sound like she is letting things settle with you and Victoria what are you going to do to fix this?

I’ll take care of it.

How are you going to take care of it?

I’m thinking of a master plan, ok look let’s wrap this up. (He looks at his watch) I have another engagement.

Sure thing. Thanks for talking with us today Joshua I’ll look forward to speaking with you in the future.

*Trouble In Paradise*
Victoria is thankful for a lot of things- Joshua, the love of her life, a career change that starts a new chapter, and a condo in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois. Her jaw drops when she opens the garage and finds a brand new Cadillac wrapped in a huge bow. She is ecstatic and ready for the next steps towards her future.

When Victoria and Joshua start their journey things take a turn for the worse. Victoria finds out that her nemesis and Joshua’s ex, Danielle Shumaker has flown to Chicago to try to get Joshua back. Victoria is determined to win this fight, when she finds out Joshua has secrets of his own. Distraught, confused, and mad as hell she falls into the arms of another. When emotions run high and desire digs deep Victoria finds herself caught up in Trouble.

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  1. I have to say I love character interviews - it's a great way to get to know them, and makes me want to read their stories!

  2. I just want to say I love character interviews - it's a great way to get to know these people and makes me want to read their stories!

    1. I love them too Austin! There are more to come with different characters in the book so roll with me! http://www.stephanienorris.net/virtual-book-tour.html

  3. I LOVE the interview. Don't be surprised if I "borrow" that idea. I'm digging your website.

  4. Erick, thanks for stopping by. I know that Stephanie appreciates it as well. I have done many interviews with my characters also and one didn't end up so well; let's just say; its in the third novel.