Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hardest Working Man I Know

Today let me introduce you to the hardest working author that I know. Austin S. Camacho is the hardest working author that I have come across thus far. OK, don't get in a huff; I said MAN...not woman. I can't give you all of the good stuff in one blog; now can I?
I met Mr. Camacho in June of 2009 at Borders in Waldorf Md.
(a moment of silence for Borders please)
Now back to our blog. He came in with his boxes of books, a tray of treats and a burst of energy.
What just happened? I thought to myself. I'm not suppose to be sharing my first signing. I wanted to stomp my feet and act like a three year old, but Mandy (store manager) assured me that I still got top billing. (prime location in any bookstore; being set up at the front door) while Mr. Camacho was relegated to the back of the store, by the children's books.
After witnessing, what I could only describe as a whirlwind of activity, I had to go back and see what was going on and what did I find?
I found a nicely draped table; I had no drape. A nice assortment of cookies; I had no cookies. He had books and was debuting his latest, Russian Roulette that very day. I had one book, Let Me Just Say This sitting on my table. And he had bookmarks, a nice display of colorful bookmarks; OK, I had bookmarks! So it wasn't a lost.
Then it happened. He smiled and talked to me.
Me, little 'ole me. First time author, first time book signing event. He spoke to me and gave me tips on how to keep folks interested. "Never sit down. I never sit down."
Since that meeting, I have been on panels with Mr. Camacho and I have been at events where he is the "Prince of the Novel world" and I am continuously in awe of him.
He puts out a monthly newsletter, he has a fan page on Facebook, he markets like no body's business. He is constantly asked to be on writer's panels and to speak to various book clubs and organizations. Did I also mention, he has a full time job!
Plus,I have it on good authority, that he has a new novel coming out this year!
If you want to know more about Mr. Camacho, pick up his great novels on or visit his website, and you will get to know his characters, just as I have. You will also get to see just how hard working he is.

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  1. Can you see me blushing from there? thank you so much for all your kind words, B. Swangin! You are surely one of the smartest marketers I know in the book biz and, Let Me Just Say This... I know we'll be hearing a lot more about you as the world learns what a great writer you are.