Thursday, April 12, 2012

Are you like the Marines?

Do you wonder what I mean by that? I mean, are you being all you can an author? Are you preparing yourself for marketing, book appearances, book signings, conferences. Are you on Twitter and Facebook. Yes, you need to be on both. Are you blogging, or at least guest blogging. Again, I ask you: Are you being all you can be?

If you answered NO to one of those questions, than you are doing yourself a dis-service.

In the past month I have attended 3 conferences and will head to another this weekend. How many have you attended this year. Your goal should be to do something once a month, that is book related.

Are you on Kindle? Are you marketing your books whenever you are out doing your errands? Don't stand to close to me in line and I see you pick up one of those 'magazines'. I will quickly tell you that I'm an author and if you want to read some GOOD fiction than you should pick up one of my novels, or one of my many friends novels.

Oh, friends. I have made great friends with Jeffrey Deavers, John Gilstrap, and Brad Parks. Did I mention that they are best selling authors. At least two of them are on NY Times Best Selling list. Imagine that! I met them at one of the many conferences I attend. Again, Imagine that! Oh, you don't believe me...well I have pictures to prove it and you will read and see all about it next week; along with the pictures from the upcoming Raven Con conference that I am attending this weekend in Richmond.

Again, I ask you; Are you like the Marines? Are you being all you can be?


  1. No writer is more "all they can be" than you, Swangin. You're an inspiration to all us lowly authors trying to get into the public eye. Keep up the great work!

  2. For the record it's the Army that asks you to "Be All That You Can Be" The Few, The Proud, The Marines would say that they already are!! But I get the idea, so now I'll get to writing.