Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One size DOES fit all

What a wonderful weekend it was! I attended the LIM conference. Love Is Murder is an annual conference held over the super bowl weekend and it was a blast!

I met some wonderful people but that will be a different blog, different day.

What I wanted to tell you was that one size DOES fit all. There was a vendor who sold shoes. Imagine my giddiness but then imagine my disappointment as shoe after shoe after boot was "not available in your size".

What! What! I could hardly breathe. I'm not sure, but I think I blacked out for a second. She went behind her 'magical' curtain to see if she had more in 'stock' but she peeked her little blond head out after almost two minutes and said, "can you wear a 10?"

I wanted to scream! NO, now find me a 9 in that red/black stiletto or at the very least in the red ruffle topped boot! After five LONG minutes she finally came out and said. "Sorry hun, we only have an eight."

She then told me, "well come back in ten minutes, I'll check my stock and see what I have in a nine." Armed with that, I went to my next panel discussion; apatly titled, how to lift fingerprints; which might have come in handy. Or at the very least show me what NOT to touch. I walked happily back to the 'vendor' room and looked for the little blond haired woman, who I might add was wearing the red ruffled topped boots that I wanted. She looked at me sympathically and said, "Sorry Hun, I don't have any size nines."

It all became a blur. My eyes went crossed, my breathing quickend and I believe I was in a state of shock.

What! What! What the heck has happened to all the little feet people? Have they all grown a size larger? I used to find size nine all day, every day and now you are telling me that a size nine in your 'traveling' shoe store is 'not available." At that moment, I became a mystery author. Plotting how I could get my hands on those size nines. I innocently asked, "well do you know who bought the last size nine?" Imagine my surprise when she told me,his name and room number; "because he bought them for his wife."

Hey we are at a mystery conference, what better way to end it, than with a TRUE mystery?
Who killed the man in room 211 with a stiletto shoe to the back? Perfect crime, right? Well it would have been had I not announced, "Well, I think I can take him." Yeah, I doubt if I would have made it to the lobby with my new red/black stiletto shoes.

So I guess the saying IS true, one size DOES fit all. Much to my chagrin, but there is ALWAYS next year...


  1. What better "who dunnit?" than a Stiletto Stalker at the conference? It would have definitely made for a great twist to things. But then you would have to worry about the messy problem of cleaning the blood from your heel when you pull it out of his back. Because, afterall, it was the shoes you were after! It was a great time!

  2. Wow...great title for a book...the Stiletto Stalker...yep..I gotta use that....I have even come up with a story already...my little fingers can't keep up!

  3. Couldn’t help but laugh when I read your blog this morning. My son came over last night complaining that he couldn’t find size 15 steel toed shoes that fit him. He’d been looking all over town.

  4. So it isn't just women that have a hard time....I feel another blog coming on...