Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today I will feature new author, Nathan Seven Scott; author of "MY TURN: The Knight Affairs" which will be part of a trilogy.

Please help me welcome NathanSevenScott to my blog.

When I decided to write my debut novel My Turn: The Knight Affairs Trilogy, it was based on a dare. A dare to myself to see if I could commit to something and complete it within at least a years time.  Many people around me doubted that I could finish this seemingly daunting task, but I took a page from Obama and wrote "YES I CAN" on post-it notes and placed them in my bathroom, bedroom and on my desk at work.

My process was unique in it's design. I had amazing coaching from a writer named Khadijah. I was then reconnected to a very dear friend Karen Minors, Author of It Is What It Is. Karen challenged me by saying that my stories were like no other and that they needed to be told for a wider audience. Sure my stories were entertaining to those around me but people needed to read what exciting adventures I still had in store. Strangely enough once I had an outline, I found myself ready to go.

I suffered from laziness and writer's block for almost three months. I was so angry at myself for coming close to giving up until my writing coach pushed me to complete my work. She gave me a few suggestions and exercises and that amped me up to complete my book.

Thankfully, God blessed me with multiple talents such as the ability to do graphic design, video editing and a host of other things. Having these gifts allowed me to make an awesome trailer and an eye catching cover.

This is the first of three books and I have already embarked on a new series featuring a female protagonist. I have an exciting twist that will bring both words together taking me to another level in my media empire.

To take a look at my book trailer; please click here:My Turn book trailer

Becoming an author has changed my life and it's only the beginning.

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  1. I can't wait to read more in this trilogy. Good quick read.

  2. Hi, Nathan! Congrats on your new novel and welcome to the club. It great when you're blessed with the talents to make it happen. Wishing you much success on your journey!