Thursday, November 3, 2011

Books-Kindle or Print?

Today I pose the question: Which do you prefer, Kindle or Print?
Now remember, this is only my opinion and just like everyone; I’m entitled to mine.
Kindle seems to be the instant answer to many of our ‘reading dilemmas”. In a world of instant gratification, the Kindle, Nook, and E-Reader has made life much more instantaneous for a lot of people. If they hear of a book that someone says, “they must have” they can pull out their Kindle and download it and read it within a matter of minutes.
Now, let’s look at the same scenario with a ‘print’ novel. Someone asks you if you have picked up the latest novel from Austin Camacho, The Piranha Assignment, and you say, no but you will as ‘soon as you get home and log into your computer and go to the website and type in his name and then check out all of his books”. It’s not as instant as the Kindle conversation that goes like this, “I’ll pick up the latest by Austin Camacho in five, four, three, two, got it. Wow and on Kindle it’s only $.99 versus the “print” copy of $11.66. Or maybe you just saw Karen Minors, author of It is What It Is and you want to read all about Miya and Milan; you will either go to and download a version for $7.69 or you will buy it and wait for it to ship in a couple of days for $19.95.
See for me, I like the ‘hard’ version in my hands. I like to hold the book, flip the pages, and dog ear them as I pour over the scenes. In a kindle, not so much. Plus, they haven’t found a way for you to get your book ‘autographed’ through Kindle; well they sort of have, but it involves buying software to download to your Kindle and then you have to ‘find’ the author again.
Now, don’t get your Kindle all in an electronic huff; I’m merely saying that for some of us, we like to slow down, sit with a nice cup of Chai Tea or Dunkin Donuts coffee, curl up in our pink Snuggie and read until we fall asleep and the book makes that familiar thunk when it hits the floor. If your Kindle hits the floor, you better be on carpet or be prepared to look at a possible crack on your screen or worse yet; a black one, because it has gone on to electronic heaven (with my beloved GRACIE—the laptop that I wrote about previously, but I digress)
All this to say  what? Whether you are a Kindle reader or Print (book –in-hand) reader; whichever one you chose, stay true to yourself and don’t fall for the fads. Sure Kindle will be around for a while, or Nook or whatever E-reader you choose, but so will books, because let’s face it; until there is a HUGE bonfire somewhere, there will also be Mom and Pop bookstores out there where the rest of us NON E-reader owners can go and get our fix.
Will you join me? (wait…I still want a Kindle; but I don’t NEED a Kindle) don’t judge me! (smile)
Happy Writing!

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  1. I agree with you 100%. There's just something about holding a book in your hand, turning the pages and highlighting some of your favorite scenes. But it's not for everyone and I can appreciate that!